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BKFC 19 video: Blueface gets into post-fight brawl with fan jumping into the ring after winning boxing match

Rapper Blueface barely had time to celebrate his debut win at BKFC 19 before mayhem broke out when a fan jumped into the ring attempting to go after him.

In a battle of influencers, Blueface won a lopsided decision over TikTok star Kane Trujillo but then his celebration was cut short when an unknown person from the crowd jumped into the ring directly after his victory was announced.

Just as Blueface had his hand raised the assailant jumped into the ring but he was greeted by a series of punches and security tackling him to the ground as a full on melee broke out during the event.

The hip-hop star continued throwing punches as police and security rushed into the ring to get control of the situation and swarmed on the person responsible for the post-fight assault.

It took a few moments for things to calm down as the assailant was literally dragged out of the ring by security as order was eventually restored in a wild altercation that closed out the influencer portion of the card airing on FITE TV.

Prior to the melee, Blueface did manage to win his fight in a fairly lopsided performance to get his first win in the ring.

There wasn’t a lot of technique—as expected— but the rapper and the TikTok star were definitely winging punches at each other from the start of the fight. With a significant height and reach advantage, Blueface did manage to stick Trujillo with a couple of jabs as his opponent was moving aggressively towards him.

As the first round was coming to a close, Blueface managed to throw a flurry of punches that had Trujillo turning and scurrying away before the bell sounded.

Following the one-minute break between rounds, Blueface came out firing with a series of right hands that were repeatedly finding a home on Trujillo’s chin as he was getting twisted around from the punches. Trujillo was also gasping for air with his mouth wide open trying to take in as much oxygen as possible whenever he wasn’t eating punishment.

Despite his exhaustion, Trujillo was swinging with everything left in his tank but that only seemed to put him into more trouble with Blueface landing on target with far more regularity. At one point, Blueface blasted Trujillo with a punch that appeared to have him asking for a timeout but the action continued.

Replays showed several punches from Blueface that were snapping Trujillo’s face back as he ultimately won a decision based upon scoring by “independent analysts” sitting ringside at BKFC 19.

Obviously because of the melee in the ring, Blueface wasn’t able to address the crowd in Florida after his win but it’s likely he’ll have plenty to say on social media in the coming days about the incident.

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