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UFC Vegas 31 video: Mateusz Gamrot makes short work of Jeremy Stephens with 65-second kimura submission

Mateusz Gamrot needed just 65 seconds to finish Jeremy Stephens with a lightning quick submission in the first round on the UFC Vegas 31 main card.

The former two-division KSW champion wasted no time taking the fight to the ground and grabbing onto the kimura but once he dragged the arm behind the back, Stephens had no choice but to tap out or risk significant damage to his shoulder. Gamrot has now finished back-to-back opponents without either one making it past the two-minute mark of the opening round.

“For me this is a big success,” Gamrot enthusiastically shouted after his latest win in the UFC. “I’m chasing my dream. Give me next opponent, step by step. A lot of tough guys but I am ready for every single guy in the top 15. I am ready for every single guy in this division.”

As soon as he was released from the corner, Gamrot knew it wasn’t in his best interest to trade hands with a dangerous knockout striker like Stephens so he immediately dove forward to grab onto a leg to look for the takedown. Stephens tried to fight his way free but a second later he was on his back playing defense with Gamrot on top of him.

In an attempt to earn a reversal of position, Stephens actually attempted to grab into a kimura of his own but Gamrot worked free rather quickly and then he latched onto the exact same submission except he was already on top.

Once the arm got twisted behind the back, Stephens was forced to submit with Gamrot celebrating his second consecutive win in the UFC.

With an 19-1 record overall, Gamrot appears to be a potential star on the rise as he continues his climb up the lightweight ranks in the UFC after vanquishing a proven veteran like Stephens on Saturday night.

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