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Missed Fists: Peter Barrett breaks out power bomb, Karl Amoussou goads opponent into disqualification, more

Peter Barrett throws Ali Zebian at a Cage Titans show in Plymouth, Mass., on July 10, 2021
Cage Titans, Facebook

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

It’s no secret that there’s a large portion of the fighting fan base that is loath to allow for any comparisons between the world of MMA and the world of pro wrestling. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time nor the space here to dive into the deep history connecting the two combat sports, but I do recommend checking out this excellent video from MMA Mania that gives a quick overview of that connection and that you read more about the topic.

Besides, sometimes it’s best to show rather than tell.

(as usual, most of the clips in this feature were compiled by @Grabaka_Hitman. Give them a follow on Twitter and chip in a buck or two to their Patreon)

Ali Zebian vs. Peter Barrett

In a fair and just world, this power bomb from recent UFC competitor Peter Barrett would have ended the match. That’s what we call a finisher, folks, and if Ali Zebian knew what was best for business, he would have stayed down for the three-count.

Instead, Zebian had to be a real fighter and actually went on to win a split decision.

This marked Barrett’s return to the Cage Titans promotion in his native Massachussets and while it didn’t go his way, he at least finds himself in good company now as the second fighter this year to land a sweet power bomb and not walk away with the victory.

Remember when Lupita Godinez did this to Jessica Penne?

And Godinez also lost a split decision! Maybe (gasp) pro wrestling isn’t the strongest martial art after all?

Karl Amoussou vs. Vitoldas Jagelo

If there’s one thing I like more than seeing some pro wrasslin’ in my MMA, it’s cheatin’. And if there’s one thing I like more than cheatin’, it’s cheatin’ in such a way that it causes your opponent to cheat in retaliation and get disqualified.

Ladies and gentlemen, Karl Amoussou.

Amoussou is one of those “Kevin Bacon” fighters who has had a cup of coffee with notable promotions across the globe and still pops up from time to time. Here, he was the co-main event of the inaugural Hexagone MMA show in Paris, France, and he didn’t disappoint, bringing some wonderful wackiness to the cage.

That kick-off at the end of round one deserved some sort of warning, not that Vitoldas Jagelo gave the referee a chance to act. He was too focused on dishing out street justice and in fairness to him, it looks like his kick partially connected, so he at least got his money’s worth. Amoussou still got the win though.

Moris Boleyan vs. Azizkhan Chorshanbiev
Akhmad Gasanov vs. Artur Aliskerov
Sharaputdin Magomedov vs. Yakub Kadiev

Moving on to more old-fashioned, wholesome MMA action, we stop in Sochi, Russia, for an AMC card that took place yesterday (free fights available on YouTube).

Three prospects remained undefeated at Thursday’s show, capped off by Moris Boleyan (6-0) defending his flyweight title with this absolute beatdown of previously unbeaten Azizkhan Chorshanbiev (6-1).

The ground-and-pound looked like it did the trick, but Chorshanbiev apparently has a little Kris Moutinho in him and he wanted more. Boleyan gave it to him in the form of a lights-out triangle choke.

In this next finish, I don’t know if Akhmad Gasanov (5-0) goaded Artur Aliskerov (9-2) into taking a big shot here, but whatever he did, it worked.

I love how Gasanov just whiffs on a right hand and then the next one he throws is perfectly timed and right on the button. Just like coach drew it up.

Then there’s Sharaputdin Magomedov (5-0), who left Yakub Kadiev (4-2) with no choice but to try and punch his way out of a clinch. Well, he probably had a lot of other choices, but this was the real-life version of someone “tweeting through it,” as the kids say. It didn’t work.

I haven’t seen a fighter that lost in the clinch since Silva-Franklin 1.

Matija Bosancic vs. Tomislav Ceronja

FNC Armagedon 2 in Zagreb, Croatia. You can watch it here:

Now I need a second.

If any of this sounds familiar at all, we covered highlights from the Fight Nation Championship promotion this past fall. The name of those events? Armagedon. Or Armageddon. The first show we took a look at was also called Armagedon 2. And there’s apparently another show scheduled for Saturday called Armagedon 2.

Listen, you take a look at FNC’s Tapology page and you explain it to me.

These events are composed mostly of amateurs, including Matija Bosancic.

This was actually Bosancic’s first MMA fight and you have to imagine that he’s going to be hooked for life after catching a KO that clean.

Wang Xingduo vs. Wang Qibo

At a Jue Cheng King show in Hainan, China, Wang Xingduo made a quick long distance call, getting full extension on this head kick to put Wang Qibo away in just 11 seconds.

Yakov Ekimov vs. Douglas Felipe

We’ve been sleeping on undefeated MMA Series standout Yakov Ekimov (10-0), but no longer. He’s getting his Missed Fists due and just in time before he probably makes the jump to another promotion next year.

That wicked knee KO of Douglas Felipe (12-2-1) was Ekimov’s fourth first-round finish in his past five fights and with the win he claimed a Serbian Battle Championship bantamweight title.

McKenzie Headen vs. Rogers Ramirez

It’s not quite Fight Circus, but props to the branding of Flex Fight’s “Combat Carnivale” show, which went down in Farmingville, N.Y.

This amateur event featured a truly superb KO from McKenzie Headen that probably wouldn’t have happened if the referee was doing his job.

I’m not a graduate of John McCarthy’s C.O.M.M.A.N.D. program or anything, but I think when a guy is holding onto the fence for dear life to keep from falling on his face, you gotta get in there, ref!

Combat Carnivale is available for pay-per-view replay.

Josenaldo Silva vs. Julio Pereira

Yes, we’re overflowing with highlights this week, but when you’re Josenaldo Silva and you pull off the taunt-KO combo, guess what? You’re making it into Missed Fists.

That awesome finish came from Mega Fight Championship 4, viewable for free here:

Ivan Dychko vs. Denis Bakhtov

Another thing guaranteed to get you in Missed Fists? Landing a KO so vicious that your opponent goes full Matua.

From an MTK boxing show in Almaty, Kazakhstan:

At least Ivan Dychko and Denis Bakhtov could laugh about it after. Somehow, I don’t think Tank Abbott and John Matua are exchanging Christmas cards.

We close out this week’s show on a somber note. Pro boxer and aspiring MMA fighter Sebastian Eubank, the son of British boxing champion Chris Eubank Sr. and the brother of boxer Chris Eubank Jr., died from a heart attack last Friday.

Eubank was 2-0 in boxing, but his most recent fight saw him make his debut in MMA. In January of last year, Eubank defeated Emad Handbali by first-round TKO, becoming a part of our corner of the sporting world forever.

He would have celebrated his 30th birthday this Sunday.

If you know of a recent fight or event that you think may have been overlooked, or a promotion that could use some attention, please let us know on Twitter – @JedKMeshew and @AlexanderKLee – using the hashtag #MissedFists.

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