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Jake Paul sending custom-made ‘sleepy’ Conor McGregor chain to Dustin Poirier; Poirier will auction for charity

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BOXING: JUN 06 Mayweather v Paul
Jake Paul
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Thanks to Jake Paul and Dustin Poirier somebody will soon own the $100,000 custom made “sleepy” Conor McGregor chain that debuted ahead of UFC 264.

The story goes like this: Paul has been trolling McGregor for the better part of the last year in an attempt to goad the Irish superstar into a boxing match against him. While his constant callouts remained unanswered, Paul decided to have a jeweler make a chain adorned by a figurine of McGregor after he suffered a second-round knockout loss to Poirier at UFC 257 back in January.

He then dubbed that chain the “sleepy McGregor” and Paul wore that to UFC 264 where he witnessed McGregor break his leg at the end of the first round as Poirier earned a second straight win against him in Saturday’s main event.

Now Paul is actually sending that chain to Poirier as a congratulations of sorts on a job well done after vanquishing McGregor in their trilogy fight.

“The Conor chain is back at home right now but Dustin Poirier sent me over his address so we’re getting that over to him,” Paul said during a pre-fight press conference for his own fight coming up against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. “I think he’s going to auction it off for charity. So somebody’s going to be able to get the notorious McGregor, sleepy McGregor chain.”

On Thursday, Paul then took to Twitter to show off the chain and a letter that is being mailed to Poirier so he can take possession of the “sleepy McGregor.”

“Dear Dustin … Congrats on your much earned victory. I love what you are doing with your Good Fight Foundation! You deserve this chain more than me! Good always defeats evil! Keep winning. Love Jake. P.S. Tell Jolie I said hi, she’s a bad ass!”

While this might appear to be Paul just trying to take another shot at McGregor, his donation to Poirier is very real.

Poirier’s longtime manager Robert Roveta confirmed to MMA Fighting on Thursday that they have been in contact with Paul’s team about receiving the “sleepy McGregor” chain.

The plan is to then auction off the custom-made $100,000 chain for charity.

Poirier has also recently listed his fight worn gear from the McGregor fight on eBay with all of the proceeds benefiting his Good Fight Foundation. Prior to his fight at UFC 264, Poirier announced plans to use the money collected for his charity to build housing in Uganda.

Current bidding on his gear stands at $26,000 with five more days to go in the auction.

Update: The necklace has been delivered.

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