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Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley make bizarre tattoo-related bet for loser of upcoming boxing match

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will be battling for more than pride and money when they clash in the boxing ring on Aug. 29.

Ahead of their highly anticipated showdown, which will happen in Paul’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, the fighters decided to make an odd gentleman’s wager.

In their previous encounter when the fight was first announced, Paul attempted to goad Woodley into a bet where it would be winner-take-all with the purses up for grabs. Of course with millions of dollars on the line, nobody expected Woodley to rush to sign that deal, although he says it was an enticing offer when Paul first mentioned it.

“I did but I didn’t want to let you get the f*cking upper hand,” Woodley said when speaking to Paul at the pre-fight press conference on Tuesday. “At the time you said that, I’m like damn that sounds appetizing. I didn’t want to let you get that moment.”

In return, Paul then offered up a different kind of wager — one that requires a lot of commitment but won’t cost either fighter seven figures in their bank account.

“So how about this, let’s make a new bet right now,” Paul said to Woodley on stage. “Let’s make a new bet — if I beat you, you have to get ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattooed on you. But if you beat me, I get ‘I love Tyron Woodley’ tattooed on me and you have to post it on your Instagram feed.

“Deal or no deal? Are you confident or not? This guy has no f*cking confidence.”

Of course both Paul and Woodley are already sporting a lot of ink so getting another tattoo added to the collection isn’t that outrageous, but the terms of this particular deal are certainly quite a bit more personal.

As soon as Paul offered the bet, Woodley turned to the media in attendance for advice then he answered the challenge offered to him.

“Y’all think I should do it?” Woodley said. “Bet. Deal.”

The fighters then shook hands to make it official — and somewhere in Cleveland, tattoo artists started to fire up their machines in anticipation of the fight between Paul and Woodley in August.

The bad blood between the former UFC champion and the YouTube celebrity turned boxer was palpable on Tuesday with Woodley making one final wager when addressing Paul on stage.

“I bet I’m going to beat your ass,” Woodley said.

Paul vs. Woodley will headline the upcoming Showtime pay-per-view on Sunday night, Aug. 29 from the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

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