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Dustin Poirier closes trilogy with stoppage win after Conor McGregor breaks his leg in UFC 264 main event

UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3 Photo By Thomas King/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Dustin Poirier has two wins over Conor McGregor but he might need a third to officially put the Irishman behind him once and for all.

Following a dominant opening round in the UFC 264 main event where Poirier was blasting McGregor with punches and elbows on the ground it was actually a misstep on the feet just before the horn sounded that brought the fight to a painful end.

After the fighters both threw punches, McGregor stepped backwards and his leg just completely gave out with his ankle twisting underneath him as he crumbled to the mat. It didn’t take long for referee Herb Dean to recognize that McGregor broke his leg with the ringside physician calling a stop to the contest with Poirier being declared the winner by TKO.

Afterwards, McGregor was still shouting at Poirier as he attempted to celebrate his victory with the former interim lightweight champion shouting back at him “shut your b*tch ass up.”

In his post fight interview, Poirier said he believed McGregor actually fractured his leg earlier in the fight when they were exchanging kicks on the feet.

“He fractured in one of the checks at the beginning of the fight,” Poirier explained. “Then it broke on a punch for sure. When I pointed at him at the beginning of the fight, that’s when I checked a good kick. I bet that’s when it cracked. I felt something.”

Prior to the unfortunate ending, McGregor got off to a fast start with a flurry of kicks being thrown by the former two-division champion as he attacked the body and the legs. Like a sniper, McGregor was launching his powerful left hand trying to put Poirier away early but Louisiana native stayed patient in the pocket in order to deliver his own punishment.

Poirier then came forward with a blistering combination of punches that had McGregor backing up, trying to catch his breath. With Poirier on the legs, McGregor grabbed onto a guillotine choke as he attempted to finish the fight with a submission.

It was short-lived success for McGregor as Poirier escaped and then began bludgeoning him with punches and elbows on the ground. It appeared Poirier might finish the fight with the barrage of strikes he was landing as McGregor was put in survival mode.

After absorbing a lot of punishment, McGregor eventually worked back to the feet and that’s where he stepped into a single exchange with Poirier before his leg gave out.

“I was boxing the bleeding head off him,” McGregor shouted while being tended to by medical personnel on the ground. “Kicking the bleeding leg off him. This is not over. If I have to take this outside with him, it’s on outside. I don’t give a bollocks.

“There was no check. There was not one of them [kicks] I checked. Your wife is in my DM’s. Hey baby, hit me back on my chat later on. F*ck him.”

The nasty trash talk from McGregor didn’t seem to get under Poirier’s skin leading into the fight but he certainly let him hear about it after winning their third encounter by TKO even if it wasn’t under the best of circumstances.

“There’s no holds barred with the trash talk but murder is something you don’t clown around,” Poirier said about McGregor’s pre-fight comments. “There’s no coming back from that and this guy was saying he was going to murder me and all kinds of stuff. I’m going to leave here in a coffin. You don’t talk like that to people. I hope this guy gets home safe to his beautiful family.

“This guy’s a dirtbag. Everybody booing, you can kiss my whole assh*le.”

Despite the way the fight ended, Poirier still got the win and he will now more than likely move into a lightweight title bout against new champion Charles Oliveira while McGregor may be looking at a long road to recovery before he makes his return to the cage.

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