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Sean O’Malley vs. Kris Moutinho full fight video highlights

Sean O’Malley and Kris Moutinho at UFC 264
Sean O’Malley outlasted Kris Moutinho at UFC 264 on Saturday night.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Watch Sean O’Malley vs. Kris Moutinho full fight video highlights from their UFC 264 clash above, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

Poirier vs. McGregor 3 took place July 10 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. Sean O’Malley (14-1) and Kris Moutinho (9-5) collided in the UFC 264 main card opener. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on O’Malley vs. Moutinho, check out live blog from MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew below.

Round 1

Moutinho comes out aggressively, crowding O’Malley early and Suga is on his bike, sticking the jab and fighting long. Moutinho is undeterred though and just charging forward. OMalley is countering well with jabs and straights but he has yet to hurt Moutinho.

O’Malley is throwing some good kicks, both low and front kicks to the body. He’s starting to look very comfortable in there. Big combination lands for O’Malley but Moutinho is eating them very well and he’sthrowing bombs back.

A right hand clips Moutinho behind the ear and drops him and Moutinhois hurt! O’Malley is showboating in there and firing off combos on the stunned Moutinho! Moutinho is tough as nails though and he’s hanging in there!He fires back but O’Malley is flowing.

Suga backs off a bit and returns to moving and countering as Moutinho has recovered and now he’s pressing the action again. O’Malley’s right hand is tethered to Moutinho’s face but the rookie is proving very durable. And now Moutinho is starting to land some shots on O’Malley as he continues marching through the offense. Now Moutinho is starting to talk to O’Malley as Suga looks up at the clock! This is awesome!

10 seconds left and O’Malley drops Moutinho with a step-back right hand! Moutinho is in dire straits and dives on a takedown! O’Malley tries for a guillotine but doesn’t have enough time! Moutinho is saved by the bell.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-7 O’Malley.

Round 2

Moutinho is clearly still rocked but boy is this dude tough as immediately charges forward to start the second round and he’s talking trash too! O’Malley on the bike and firing his jabs and right straights down the pipe and none of them are missing.

A minute in and Moutinho appears to have recovered and O’Malley is back to bouncing around and finding his counters. O’Malley not sitting down on most of these though right now and so he is landing at 84% which is absurd. O’Malley is also showing some really nice movement when he does choose to step forward.

Moutinho is swinging wildly as he chases O’Malley and that is getting him countered consistently but boy is it fun. Moutinho’s best offense though has been his low kicks which are landing cleanly on O’Malley and Suga is starting to look a little slower this round. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still styling on Moutinho, but he’s lost his fast ball right now.

Moutinho starting to land some more shots as he continues to wade through the barrage and swing with abandon. O’Malley, for his part, doesn’t seem to be getting discouraged and now he’s starting to target the body as well. A good adjustment from Suga.

Moutinho is really starting to pressure now and O’Malley is taking deep breaths and he’s obviously getting a little uncomfortable in there. O’Malley is still landing his shots but he’s breathing heavily and that’s a moral victory if nothing else.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 O’Malley, 20-16 O’Malley overall.

Round 3

Win, lose, or draw, Moutinho has shown out in this fight already. It’s unlikely he can overcome the strong start from O’Malley but hot damn this kid is tough.

Round 3 starts with Moutinho once again pressuring but the body work from O’Malley seems to have at least slowed his pressure. He’s stepping in more slowly now and as a result, O’Malley is finding more room for his front kicks now.

Moutinho starting to come on stronger now and he gets O’Malley backed up to the fence for a moment. Moutinho has changed the complexion of this fight. O’Malley is now clearly looking to score points instead of get this kid out of there. It’s a good adjustment and should open up more opportunities.

Moutinho again charges forward and lands a good right hook but O’Malley cracks him with a counter. Now he’s back on his bike and doing his best to keep Moutinho off him. He’s not really able to pull it off but he’s still landing cleanly and consistently.

Now Moutinho steps in and O’Malley sits down on a combo that snaps his head back! One, two, three! O’Malley lands three huge shots and Moutinho just eats them! This is wild. Moutinho coming forward and O’Malley cracks him again but Moutinho lands a good right hand! O’Malley eats it fine though and he’s back to hammering the big shots. Moutinho continues to march forward and O’Malley is teeing off now.

Moutinho is for sure hurt now and Herb Dean tells him to protect himself. Instead, he marches into another combo and Dean stops the bout with Moutinho still on his feet and protesting the stoppage. If you believe in moral victories, Moutinho should have been allowed to finish the fight with only 30 seconds left. But that was a good stoppage if you’re just concerned with the safety of the fighter.

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