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Morning Report: Georges St-Pierre teases possible return to combat sports in a couple of years: ‘Never say never’

Michael Bisping vs Georges St-Pierre Press Conference
Georges St-Pierre
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Though it seems unlikely that Georges St-Pierre will ever set foot inside the octagon again, don’t count out the 40-year old from ever competing in combat sports again. It may just take a while.

St-Pierre is one of the most accomplished fighters in MMA history and since retiring from the sport in 2019, rumors of a return to fighting have never been far off. Primarily, St-Pierre’s name was used in connection with former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, however, earlier this year it was revealed that St-Pierre was ready to jump on another opportunity: a boxing match against another legend, Oscar De La Hoya. Unfortunately for all involved, the superfight was nixed by the UFC who still has St-Pierre under contract. UFC President Dana White’s decision to put the kibosh on St-Pierre’s boxing dreams upset many people, most notably the would-be promoters of the superfight, Triller. However, St-Pierre at least is taking the high road.

“Trust me, if this fight would have happened, I would have moved to Los Angeles to Freddie Roach’s gym and made a full training camp, leaving no stone unturned,” St-Pierre told “Unfortunately, Dana White didn’t want it. It is what it is. I can’t be mad at him. People have said to take him to court, but that makes me look like the bad guy, and I don’t want to spend money on lawyers and all that.”

Though St-Pierre has always kept his comments about the UFC respectful, he and the organization have not been on the best of terms over the last several years. After St-Pierre walked away from the sport in 2013, White was irate at the actions of his champion and PPV star. When St-Pierre then wanted to make a comeback in 2017 to challenge for the middleweight title, his negotiations with the UFC were prolonged and involved re-upping his fight contract, including a provision stating that St-Pierre would defend the UFC middleweight title should he win it. It’s that contract which still holds sway over St-Pierre’s career, however, according to the former two-division champion, he won’t be locked into it forever and once he’s free, opportunity abounds.

“My contract with UFC will finish in almost two years, and I will be free—and I will still be in shape,” St-Pierre said. “I’m still a fighter and an entertainer. If there is an exhibition fight or a novelty fight for charity, then never say never.”

Since his official retirement from the sport in 2019, St-Pierre has maintained he won’t return to competition unless the right opportunity comes along for his legacy. He’s already been denied those opportunities twice by the UFC, with De La Hoya and Nurmagomedov. Perhaps in a few years, the third time will be the charm.


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It’s really cool that we as fans could be watching GSP do weird or interesting other fights and instead we don’t get that because Dana has beef with Triller. It’s the best.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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