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Morning Report: Joe Rogan heaps praise on ‘f***ing genius’ Floyd Mayweather and ‘impressive’ Logan Paul: ‘Kudos to both men’

UFC 249 Spann v Alvey Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

On Sunday night, Floyd Mayweather once again fleeced the world, collecting an enormous paycheck for an exhibition boxing match with YouTube star Logan Paul. The bout did not live up to the expectations many had for it, with Mayweather firmly controlling the action but failing to stop the novice boxer. On top of that, many casual fans complained about the clinch-heavy aspect of the fight and of course most boxing purists decried the circus nature of the whole thing, but there was at least one man who felt he got his money’s worth: UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Taking to social media on Monday, Rogan posted his thoughts following Mayweather-Paul, calling the event “fascinating” and heaping praise upon Mayweather.
Joe Rogan’s Instagram

“About last night... first off I have to say I was really surprised at how much I was looking forward to this fight. Right before the bell rang for the opening around I was legitimately giddy with excitement. I think the whole thing is pretty fascinating. First of all Floyd Mayweather is a f***ing genius in more ways than one. He’s arguably the greatest boxer of all time, and in the twilight of his career he’s managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars fighting people who really don’t have a chance to beat him. Just f***ing genius. He’s figured out a way to compete into his 40s and make more money than any other boxer alive. It’s really incredible. And the confidence that he has to have in his skills to fight a guy 20 years younger than him and 35 pounds heavier can’t be emphasized enough. Not a lot of all time greats in any sport would take that kind of chance. I think we should appreciate the f*** out of that guy while he’s still around.”

Mayweather himself emphasized many of these points following the bout and the critical reaction to him not finishing Paul, saying that he struggled with the “grappling” of his opponent because Paul was much larger than him and simply fighting to survive to the final bell. Mayweather also noted that despite being retired from boxing for several years, he still showed he can turn a tidy profit, something likely to be proven true as some early estimates have the event on Sunday selling around 600,000 PPV buys domestically.

Rogan was not just impressed by Mayweather’s promotional abilities though, he also lauded Paul for putting on what he views as a great performance.

“For Logan Paul, just going 8 hard rounds with a superb multi-division world champion like Floyd is pretty f***ing incredible. He survived and he even managed to land a few punches. Just the fact that he had the endurance to do the 8 rounds is really f***ing impressive. When you’re in there with a master like Floyd he’s constantly pressuring you and he’s so efficient and composed that he never fades.

“Yeah it was a freak show, and yeah real world class boxing between champions is better, but I thought it was pretty f***ing interesting. Kudos to both men, and congrats on making us watch ”

Rogan is far from the only person impressed with Paul’s performance. Given Mayweather’s deified status in the boxing consciousness, Paul surviving eight rounds with one of the best fighters of this generation, even with a huge weight and age disparity, has widely been considered a colossal achievement. Especially given that Paul did not even look particularly good in his first professional boxing bout. With this performance though, Paul will surely command interest in future returns to the boxing ring and he has already garnered interest should he like to compete in MMA.

On the other side of things, now 44 years old, Mayweather has not fought professionally since his superfight with Conor McGregor in 2017. Following that win, his 50th professional, Mayweather retired from boxing, however, in 2018 he fought an exhibition match against kickboxing darling Tenshin Nasukawa, and his name has consistently been floated around for other such opportunities, including a possible rematch with McGregor. However, following the bout with Paul, Mayweather suggested this may be the last exhibition bout he participates in.


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