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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul prop bets include Paul as 6-to-1 favorite to bleed first

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Weigh In
Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul
Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Although it is an exhibition boxing bout, there are plenty of ways for combat sports fans to make Sunday’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul matchup a little more interesting.

The eight-rounder will cap off the event’s main card, which begins at 8 p.m. ET, will come with a price tag of $49.99, and will be carried by Showtime and Fanmio.

Betting website released a slew of prop bets for the exhibition between the 50-0 multi-time world champion and YouTube star, and they range from how the fight could end, to what the announcers will say during the fight, to what the competitors will wear when they make their walks, and, of course, which competitor will be the first to bleed.

According to the site, Paul is a massive -600 favorite in the latter prop, while Mayweather comes back at +350 as the first to bleed.

Another interesting prop will test whether there is enough respect between the combatants for them to touch gloves. Currently, the odds have it as a “no” at -150. “Yes” comes back as a slight underdog at +110.

And, if you want to dive even deeper, you can place wagers on whether or not a mouthpiece will be lost, if a low blow occurs, the possibility of a fighter being knocked unconscious or sent to the hospital, teeth being lost, and, yes, if a fighter will attempt to bite the other.

Check out the full list of Mayweather vs. Paul prop bets below:

First fighter to bleed

Logan Paul: -600

Floyd Mayweather: +350

Chances Floyd Mayweather gets knocked down

No: -700

Yes: +400

Chances Logan Paul gets knocked down

Yes: -400

No: +250

Chances either fighter knocked down

Yes: -425

No: +265

Who will have hood over head during walkout?

Both: +100

Paul only: +150

Mayweather only: +250

Neither: +350

What will be said first by broadcast team?

50-0: +125

YouTube: +150

McGregor: +250

Rope-a-dope: +500

What will happen first before fight?

Mayweather takes off hood: -400

Mayweather takes off mask: +250

Which fighter will be knocked down first?

Paul: -700

Mayweather: +400

Will fighters touch gloves before opening bell?

No: -150

Yes: +110

Will Floyd Mayweather bleed?

No: -450

Yes: +275

Will Logan Paul bleed?

Yes: -180

No: +140

Will fight go the scheduled distance?

Yes: -350

No: +225

What will happen during fight?

Paul loses mouthpiece: +200

Mayweather loses mouthpiece: +300

Paul delivers low blow: +300

Mayweather delivers low blow: +500

Both fighters knocked down: +600

Either fighter knocked unconscious: +700

Either fighter admitted to hospital after fight: +1000

Jake Paul enters the ring during a round of fight: +1000

Paul gets tooth knocked out: +2800

Mayweather gets tooth knocked out: +3300

Paul bites Mayweather: +5000

Mayweather bites Paul: +6600

Which part of Paul will bleed first?

Lip/mouth: +175

Eye/socket/brow: +200

Nose: +250

Cheek: +450

Any other area on head/neck: +500

Anywhere below neck: +500

Ear: +500

Round props (no action if fight goes the distance)

Mayweather wins in Round 1: +275

Mayweather wins in Round 2: +350

Mayweather wins in Round 3: +375

Mayweather wins in Round 4: +400

Mayweather wins in Round 5: +500

Mayweather wins in Round 6: +600

Mayweather wins in Round 7: +600

Mayweather wins in Round 8: +700

Paul wins in Round 1: +1200

Paul wins in Round 2: +1400

Paul wins in Round 3: +1400

Paul wins in Round 4: +1400

Paul wins in Round 5: +1400

Paul wins in Round 6: +1400

Paul wins in Round 7: +1800

Paul wins in Round 8: +1800

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