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UFC Vegas 28 video: Montana De La Rosa demolishes Ariane Lipski with brutal ground and pound attack

UFC Fight Night: De La Rosa v Lipski Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Montana De La Rosa put on a vicious display of ground and pound to earn a stoppage win to kick off the main card at UFC Vegas 28.

A series of takedowns led to De La Rosa just hammering away at Ariane Lipski with devastating elbows and punches that left the Brazilian with blood streaked across her face in all directions. Finally after advancing to the mount, De La Rosa just poured on the punishment until referee Keith Peterson had no choice but to rescue Lipski from any further damage.

The end came at 4:27 in the second round with De La Rosa getting the TKO win.

“I’m so happy,” De La Rosa said afterwards. “So many emotions are coming in. Finally getting that win money is going to be really nice. She was leaving herself open so I was punching and then countering. I practiced ground and pound all camp.”

Attempting to live up to her nickname as the “Queen of Violence,” Lipski was throwing with power behind all of her punches as she got off to a fast start in the opening round. De La Rosa avoided most of her big shots, staying technical with her striking before finally swooping inside to drag the Brazilian down to the ground.

While it was a methodical attack from the top, De La Rosa did manage to slash at Lipski with an elbow that opened up a nasty cut that had blood pouring down the side of her face.

De La Rosa was quick to duplicate that same strategy in the second round after rushing across the cage and planting Lipski on the canvas. From there, De La Rosa was relentless with her ground and pound, connecting with short punches and slicing elbows that continued doing damage to Lipski’s face.

With just over a minute remaining in the round, De La Rosa advanced to the mount and she began raining down a blistering series of strikes that had Lipski covering up without any real attempt to escape. Once it was clear she was just absorbing damage, the referee stepped into stop the fight with De La Rosa getting the win.

De La Rosa has faced a lot of ups and downs during her UFC career but she definitely put on a great performance on Saturday night while also earning her first TKO victory inside the octagon.

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