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Justin Jaynes has ‘no regrets’ after betting entire fight purse on himself and then losing at UFC Vegas 30

UFC Fight Night: Rosa v Jaynes Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Justin Jaynes is going home without a paycheck despite fighting three rounds at UFC Vegas 30 on Saturday after wagering his entire fight purse on a win against Charles Rosa.

Unfortunately for Jaynes, he came up short after losing a split decision and now it appears he’ll suffer defeat without any actual pay for the fight but don’t expect him to cry out for sympathy.

“No regrets,” Jaynes wrote on Instagram in response to losing his entire fight purse. “I said it before the fight and I’ll say it again. I was prepared for all outcomes. If anyone thinks me losing this bet is going to break me they are sadly mistaken.”

The scorecards for the fight were all over the place with judge Adalaide Byrd giving Rosa all three rounds while judge Ron McCarthy gave rounds 1 and 3 to Jaynes. The third judge, Chris Lee, gave Rosa rounds 1 and 2, which ultimately gave him the split decision win.

Afterwards, Rosa addressed Jaynes betting his entire fight purse on a win but then walking away with a loss instead.

“Hats off to Justin, much respect to him,” Rosa said. “I heard he bet his entire fight purse on himself… Unfortunately for him, the casino made some money tonight, but this is the price you pay doing this, the risk you take. I’m happy I got the win, I’m happy I got my money and it is what it is.”

For his part, Jaynes didn’t make any excuses about the loss or the wager he made on himself ahead of the fight. According to a post Jaynes made prior to the event, he bet around $25,000 on himself to win.

“It’s what it is, highest highs and the lowest lows,” Jaynes wrote. “Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing. I think Walmart might be hiring security anyways.”

Perhaps the toughest part about the loss will be Jaynes facing an uncertain future because he’s now dropped four in a row in the UFC, which means his job could be on the line after this latest setback.

Jaynes is now 16-8 overall in his career with a 1-4 resume in the UFC.

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