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Video: Post-fight brawl in Moscow leads to grudge match being fought immediately after

@Grabaka_Hitman, Twitter

In Russia, if you step into the cage, you better be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

That’s exactly what happened to two unidentified fighters Saturday at an R3 Fighting Championship event in Moscow, who somehow ended up getting booked to compete in an actual fight after their two teams sparked a chaotic brawl.

Check out the footage and info below, courtesy of @Grabaka_Hitman.

Post-fight brawls are nothing new in MMA, even ones as wild as this incident that saw several people decide to vault into the cage and cause the melee to escalate. At some point cooler heads prevailed, but that was only the beginning of the action.

Two of the men involved in the scuffle proceeded to put the gloves and shorts on for an organized fight, which maybe shouldn’t be surprising given that this was an amateur show with 28 fights on it already. The sanctioning feels a little fast and loose here.

The ensuing fight did not take too long to resolve as the fighter in the red gloves scored with a slam before eventually taking the back of his opponent and finishing with a rear-naked choke. One can only hope that the outcome settled the beef, at least for now.

It’s not clear who exactly these two brave souls are who agreed to scrap on the spot, but it should be pointed out that this went from post-fight brawl to actual fight in mere minutes, while we’re all still waiting for Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal to settle their backstage beef from over two years ago. Maybe if “three piece and a soda” had happened in Russia, that feud would already be settled.

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