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Video: Aleksei Oleinik demonstrates Ezekiel choke for Ji Yeon Kim

Ji Yeon Kim and Aleksei Oleinik
@champyoni, Instagram

Aleksei Oleinik taught Ji Yeon Kim a new weapon that might have future opponents thinking twice about putting her on her back.

The flyweight contender had the opportunity to pick Oleinik’s brain this week ahead of the Russian submission master’s fight against Serghei Spivac at UFC Vegas 29 this Saturday, and unsurprisingly she wanted him to demonstrate his legendary Ezekiel choke. Of Oleinik’s 46 career submission wins, 14 have come by way of Ezekiel choke, including finishes of Junior Albini and Viktor Pesta in the UFC.

Check out footage of the lesson below:

In the clip, Oleinik explains the perfect Ezekiel choke grip and its effectiveness, claiming that a perfectly applied Ezekiel can elicit a submission in half a second, while a rear-naked choke can take 5-10 seconds to cause a tap-out. If Kim’s reaction is any indication, he’s not exaggerating.

Kim was grateful for the lesson, writing, “Thank you [Oleinik] for taking your time to teach us your amazing submission today! I will try and use this one day!”

That opportunity could come soon for Kim as she faces Molly McCann at an upcoming UFC Fight Night event on Aug. 14.

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