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Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder refuse to break eye contact during intense staredown

LOS ANGELES — Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will meet for a third time on July 24 but ahead of that matchup, the heavyweights engaged in an incredibly long staredown following a press conference held in Los Angeles.

The entire situation was somewhat bizarre after Wilder made an opening statement while promising bloodshed in his third fight against Fury before sitting down and refusing to speak for the remainder of the question and answer period.

Meanwhile, Fury walked out on stage without his shirt on as he spent the majority of the time poking and jabbing at Wilder’s silence and also bantering with his new head coach, Malik Scott.

Once the press conference ended, the fighters came face-to-face with each other and despite repeated requests to face forward for a photo opportunity, Fury and Wilder refused to break away from the staredown.

Eventually, the entourages for both fighters came on stage but even they decided not to intervene as Fury and Wilder continued staring each other down.

Finally after several minutes, Wilder turned and walked away as the uncomfortably long face off finally came to an end.

This is expected to serve as the only press conference ahead of fight week as Fury seeks to vanquish Wilder for a second consecutive fight after he knocked out “The Bronze Bomber” in their last meeting following the first bout between them ending in a draw.

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