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Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brandon Moreno 2 full fight video highlights

Watch Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brandon Moreno 2 full fight video highlights from the UFC 263 co-main event above, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

Adesanya vs. Vettori 2 took place June 12 at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Ariz. UFC flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo (20-2-1) and Brandon Moreno (19-5-2) battled for UFC gold in a rematch. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Figueiredo vs. Moreno 2, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Both men come out in orthodox and it’s Moreno who takes the center to start. He’s got his hands in a high guard early while Figueiredo is looking a little looser.

Jabs kick things off for Moreno and a low kick o the lead leg lands. Figueiredo just taking his time, and looking for openings. Moreno not giving him much info though, working behind the jab smoothly.

Now Moreno comes in with a combo but most is blocked and Figueiredo fires back with his first big shot, a left hook that is blocked. Moreno goes for a clinch but Figueiredo shucks it off. Moreno undeterred though and goes right back to pushing the pace and pumping the jab. Moreno really looking confident to start.

Another takedown attempt is stuffed but Figueiredo isn’t getting any offense off thus far. Meanwhile, Moreno working with combos and landing consistently. Figueiredo throws a hook kick that misses and Moreno stays on him. Figueiredo steps back then tries to come in but gets clipped! Figueiredo was dropped by a jab and Moreno is on top now! Figueiredo is holding on, clearing the cobwebs and he’s able to sweep Moreno and stand back to his feet. Figueiredo looks to be recovered but this is a bad round for him.

Body kick lands for Moreno and he is just faster and cleaner thus far.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Moreno.

Round 2

Well, it appears possible that giving Moreno more than 3 weeks to prepare for Figueiredo has made him substantially more dangerous. Figueiredo is going to need to up the volume here or he risks getting supremely behind.

It appears Figueiredo agrees because he is looking more urgent to start this round, landing a couple of big shots and blasting a power double that lands. Figueiredo is on top and passes to half-guard with Moreno now playing defense. The crowd immediately starts to booing though. Philistines.

Figueiredo is a bit tied up by Moreno so he starts elbowing the body. Moreno being very cautious as Figueiredo has an arm over the head, threatening a possible guillotine. Now it looks like Figueiredo is trying to connect his hands for the guillotine but cannot. Moreno creates a scramble and Figueiredo almost grabs a guillotine but Moreno avoids and now he’s behind Figueiredo who is standing against the fence.

Moreno putting knees into the back of Figueiredo and then drags Figueiredo to the mat! Moreno is on the back but can’t get the second hook in and Figueiredo has to spin to full guard. Moreno just scrapping in there.

Not much offense from either man here as the seconds tick down. Now Figueiredo landing some decent elbows from the bottom and Moreno has a pretty bad mouse that has sprouted on the outside of his eye from those. A brief scramble ensues with Moreno maintaining top position and landing a couple punches for good measure but now Figueiredo is against looking for elbows from the bottom. Not super damaging but probably better than anything Moreno has offered.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Figueiredo, 19-18 Moreno overall.

Round 3

The cutman is working hard on the knot on Moreno’s head and he is able to get that swelling down.

Moreno holding the center early but Figueiredo is moving better now, not getting back up nearly as much. He’s still looking a little tentative though, with low volume. And Moreno is jabbing well.

Lunging left hook from Figueiredo misses and Moreno pops him back for his troubles. A fast explosion from Moreno gets a double leg! Figueiredo spins and Moreno takes the back and he’s got both hooks in! Moreno has an arm under the chin and Figueiredo is grimacing!!

Figueiredo is able to break the grip but he can’t clear the arm and Moreno is back in on it. NOW THAT ARM IS UNDER THE CHIN AND FIGUEIREDO IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!!!!! THERE’S THE TAP! BRANDON MORENO IS THE CHAMPION.

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