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Video: Referee refuses to stop contest, tosses towel out of the ring after Lewis Ritson’s father tries to save his son

Jeremias Ponce earned a 10th-round TKO against Lewis Ritson on Saturday but only after referee Steve Grey allowed the fight continue past the corners trying to stop the fight.

With Ponce on the attack with a blistering combination that saw him landing several stinging shots to the head and body, Ritson’s corner threw in the towel attempting to rescue their fighter from further damage.

Grey ignored the towel being thrown into the ring as he ordered the action to continue.

Ponce continued to launch punches at Ritson, who was essentially out on his feet, offering very little resistance outside of putting his hands up and absorbing the blows.

Grey then picked up the towel and actually tossed it out of the ring as he watched Ponce’s assault continue.

Because the referee refused to stop the contest, Ponce continued throwing punches in bunches as Ritson eventually crumbled to the mat. Miraculously, Ritson actually got back to his feet and the referee again allowed him to continue since he was up before the 10 count finished.

It wasn’t until Ritson was dropped for a third time in the round that Grey decided enough was enough and he waved off the fight.

Ponce certainly deserved the victory but it will be interesting to see if there’s any recourse for Grey refusing the stop the contest despite attempts from Ritson’s corner to throw in the towel.

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