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Tyron Woodley on Jake Paul fight: ‘We gonna break some records, and I’m going to break a motherf*cking jaw’

Tyron Woodley (EL, MMA F) Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Tyron Woodley is gunning for a knockout and a pay-per-view record when he clashes with Jake Paul in a boxing match on Aug. 28.

“Surprise, surprise, surprise, we back at it August 28,” Woodley said during an Instagram Live session on Tuesday. “You would visualize Jake Paul getting his head knocked smooth off his neck. Sometimes you talk yourself into a situation that you can’t back yourself out of. My mom used to say, ‘Your mouth wrote a check that your ass can’t cash.’ That’s exactly what happened.

“All the clout chasing, all the yelling, all the blah, blah blah, ‘I’m a fighter, all the MMA guys don’t never want to fight me.’ Now, you got a motherf*cker that’s going to fight you like you ain’t never been fought before. Ain’t no sparring you can do to motherf*cking get ready for it. Ain’t no meditation. Ain’t no kum ba yah. Ain’t no mama se mama sa mama coosa. Ain’t sh*t you can do. You getting your ass beat. I’m pumped up about it.”

The former UFC champion recently inked his contract for the highly anticipated fight as he seeks to end the undefeated run of the YouTube superstar, which includes a vicious first-round knockout against his teammate and friend Ben Askren.

Ever since that fight ended, Woodley has volunteered to face Paul, who’s 3-0 as a pro boxer with all wins by knockout. Following the conclusion of his UFC contract earlier this year, Woodley was free and clear to pursue other fights, and he’ll crossover to boxing with the chance to face Paul in an event that will air on Showtime pay-per-view.

Paul called out a number of UFC veterans after he dispatched Askren in April, and Woodley appeared to be at the top of the list of potential opponents.

While his background is in wrestling, Woodley has established himself as true knockout artist while competing in the UFC and Strikeforce. He famously won the UFC welterweight title with a vicious first-round stoppage against former champion Robbie Lawler back in 2016.

Now, he’ll seek to add Paul to his resume while reportedly cashing the biggest paycheck of his career.

“We gonna break some records, and I’m going to break a motherf*cking jaw while I’m at it,” Woodley said. “Get ready to make motherf*cking history. Breaking records.”

According to Woodley, he’s always dreamed of stepping into the boxing ring, but after he was an All-American wrestler at the University of Missouri, a move into MMA just made more sense.

“I always wanted to box my whole life, never did it,” he said. “I always wanted to box. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. It’s crazy how things happen. I started doing MMA in 2005 because I was like I’m too old to just box. I was 23 years old out of college wrestling, so I did MMA. I’m like sh*t, I can wrestle and punch.”

Woodley added that a location for the fight is still being determined, but he’s already started putting together his training camp to get ready for Paul in August. While he’s found his head coach, he said that there have been plenty of offers for assistance to prepare for Paul, including one of the best boxers of the past 20 years.

“Obviously, Eric Brown, he’s been my boxing coach forever,” Woodley said when revealing his plans for coaches and his training camp. “He’s going to be my chief second. He’s going to be the No. 1 guy in the training camp. Got a lot of other people that reached out to me.

“Andre Ward, my dog, reached out. I cannot miss the opportunity [to work with him], it would be an honor and a blessing. Find some time to work with Andre Ward as well. After that, I’ll know more today.”

More than anything, Woodley seems motivated to silence Paul once and for all. The 24-year-old social influencer has quickly become one of the most polarizing figures in combat sports. The bout against Woodley will serve as the first on a multi-fight deal that Paul signed with Showtime just recently, but if the former UFC champion has anything to say about it, that also might be his last.

“I was quiet,” Woodley said when addressing Paul. “I let him do his little bling, bling, bling, say whatever he wanted to say. Like I said before, it was my dog [Ben Askren] chance to fight. It was not my fight. These dudes out here fitting to clout.

“He came into this sh*t out for clout. His cornermen out for the clout. Everybody’s out for the clout. Now your clout fitting to get you hit in the motherf*cking mouth.”

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