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Video: Chris Weidman walking on his own for first time since suffering broken leg at UFC 261

A month after suffering a gruesome leg break, Chris Weidman is starting to walk again.

The former UFC champion is taking the proverbial baby steps as he undergoes physical therapy for the surgery that had to be done on his right leg after it was broken in a fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261 in April. Weidman has been providing regular updates on his rehabilitation and on Friday he released a video showing himself walking with the assistance of an anti-gravity treadmill.

Weidman documented his first trip to Performance Rehab Associates in Charlotte, N.C., and also shared more footage of his walk on Instagram:

In the YouTube clip, Weidman is accompanied by his father as he prepares to take his first steps without crutches since the injury. According to Weidman, he took a few steps with 20 percent of his body weight and moved at approximately 0.2 miles per hour.

Just a day later after this video was posted, Weidman then posted a separate clip where he was walking on his own for the first time since the devastating injury occurred.

These are all incredible signs of Weidman’s continued improvement as he seeks to recover from the broken leg with hopes of fighting again sooner rather than later.

Weidman, 36, has speculated that he could return to training sometime within 6-to-12 months of his surgery, which took place on April 25.

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