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Video: Niko Samsonidse suffers nasty leg break in NFC title fight

A referee checks on an injured Niko Samsonidse at National Fighting Championship 3 in Krefeld, Germany, on Sunday
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Niko Samsonidse fell short of taking home a championship on Sunday, but the result of his fight is the least of his concerns.

In a bout for a vacant featherweight interim title at National Fighting Championship 3 in Krefeld, Germany, Samsonidse (9-2) suffered a gruesome injury early in the second round while landing a leg kick on opponent Mohammed Sadok Trabelsi (11-5).

It was the second leg kick that Samsonidse threw in the round. Trabelsi appeared to step into it, partially checking the strike, and a loud snap was heard as soon as Samsonidse connected. Samsonidse stumbled back awkwardly and the referee and Trabelsi immediately recognized that something was wrong. The bout was quickly waved off.

(WARNING: Post contains footage of graphic leg injury)

Watch the footage below:

The referee called for the stoppage and Trabelsi pulled his follow-up strike almost simultaneously. As the referee summoned assistance and bent down to tend to Samsonidse, Trabelsi also went over to check on his injured opponent. Samsonidse’s leg was twisted at an awful angle.

On the NFC post-fight show, it was reported that Samsonidse had been taken to the hospital. Trabelsi also appeared on the post-fight show to discuss the situation and he expressed his remorse over the ending of the fight.

(h/t Bloody Elbow)

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