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Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Chris Arreola full fight video highlights

Watch Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Chris Arreola full fight video highlights from the Ruiz vs. Arreola main event above, courtesy of the PBC.

Ruiz Jr. vs. Arreola took place May 1 at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif.. Andy Ruiz Jr. (34-2) and Chris Arreola (33-7-1, 2 no-contests) collided in a heavyweight contest in the main event, which aired live on pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

A great fight in the stands.

For more on Ruiz Jr. vs. Arreola, check out the live blog from Bad Left Hook.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 1

Arreola comes out firing and Ruiz blocks and tries to counter. Ruiz jabs and misses and Arroela tries to use some lateral movement. Ruiz pressing forward and tries to go down to the body. Right hook from Arreola lands downstairs. Ruiz lands a jab to the body. Two hooks from Ruiz miss upstairs but he lands a third. Jab lands to the body for Ruiz. Jab lands to the body gain for Ruiz. Counter right hand lands clean for Ruiz. Ruiz flashes some good head movement, avoiding a combination from Arreola. Right hand from Ruiz targets the body just before the bell.

Ruiz 10-9.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 2

Jab to the body misses for Ruiz to start the round. Double jab from Arrola misses as he tries to establish some offense. Left hook from Ruiz makes contact. NOW ARREOLA SHOCKS RUIZ WITH A FLASH KNOCKDOWN! Ruiz gets up and wants to mix it up. Arreola tries to load up a big shot that doesn’t quite find the target. Ruiz lands a counter hook as Arreola comes in. Right hook lands for Ruiz and Arreola gets in one back!

Arreola 10-8, 19-18.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 3

Ruiz pops a jab upstairs. Another exchange and Ruiz nearly goes down twice! Both fighters are trading and landing and Ruiz is hurt! Right hand lands to the body for Ruiz. Jab lands for Arreola, who’s gameplan has been to lay back and look for big counter opportunities. Ruiz lands a right to the body as he stalks Arreola around the ring looking for payback. Left hook lands clean for Ruiz upstairs. Exchange and Arreola falls off balance a bit. Right hand lands to the body for Ruiz. Good finish to the round for Ruiz but I’m still giving it to Arreola based on clearly hurting Ruiz early.

Arreola 10-9, 29-27.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 4

Both fighters trade jabs to start the round. Ruiz continues to come forward on Arreola who is looking to land a big right hand per instructions from his trainer, Joe Goosen. Jab to the body falls short for Ruiz. Ruiz jabs to the body this time. Ruiz misses on a right hand looping over the top. Right hand from Arreola scores following a jab. Ruiz continues to look to throw to the body and Ruiz lands a right hook upstairs. Ruiz jabs down to the body again. RIght hand lead scores for Ruiz. Both fighters exchange to end the round but neither land solid.

Ruiz 10-9, 37-38.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 5

Jab from Arreola grazes Ruiz. Ruiz pressing forward and pops a jab upstairs. Ruiz misses on a jab upstairs this time. Arreola lands a jab. Jab lands for Arreola again. Both fighters exchange and Ruiz might’ve got the worst of it. Right hand lands down to the body for Ruiz. Two big shots come Ruiz upstairs as Arreola absorbs the shot. Jab lands down to the body for Ruiz. Arreola starts coming forward and walks into a hook from Ruiz.

Ruiz 10-9, 47-47.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 6

Both fighters look to the other to take the lead. Ruiz feints and throws a short combination that pushes Arreola back a bit. Jab lands clean for Arreola. Right hand lead lands for Arreola but Ruiz gets in a counter of his own. Left hook lands for Ruiz again during a three-punch combination. Ruiz throws three punches again as Arreola tries to defend the shots. Right hand from Arreola grazes Ruiz. Both fighters trade and Ruiz gets the better of it.

Ruiz 10-9, 57-56.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 7

Ruiz pops a jab upstairs. Another jab scores for Ruiz. Ruiz lands a stiff jab to the body this time, then another moments later. Jab lands for Arreola. Ruiz tries a right hand lead that doesn’t land clean. Stiff jab lands for Ruiz. Right to the body and hook upstairs comes from Ruiz. Right hand from Arreola doesn’t find the target. Left hook lands for Ruiz to end a combination. Right hand lands to the body for Ruiz this time.

Ruiz 10-9, 67-65.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 8

Ruiz pops a couple jabs upstairs. Left hook lands for Arreola and Ruiz gets in a hook of his own. Ruiz tags the body with a jab again. Right hand lands upstairs for Arreola. Now Arreola nearly turns his back on the fight as if he hurt his left shoulder. Now Arreola throws the left hand twice so it can’t be too bad, just an awkward moment. Two jabs come from Arreola but doesn’t make contact. Left hook from Arreola makes a little contact. Two jabs come from Arreola.

Ruiz 10-9, 77-74.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 9

Jab makes a little contact for Ruiz. Both fighters trade jabs and Ruiz tries to answer. Ruiz measures with a jab but then ends up in a quick clinch with Arreola. Right hand and left hook make contact for Ruiz. Double jab from Arreola doesn’t make contact. Arreola comes forward and tries to land a right that doesn’t find the target. Jab lands for Arreola and Ruiz gets in a good counter. Left fro Ruiz makes contact to end the round.

Ruiz 10-9, 87-83.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 10

Arreola lands a jab as Ruiz tries to respond in kind. Ruiz lands a hook that makes Arreola shake that left arm again. Double jab lands for Ruiz. Arreola pushes out a jab. Now Arreola scores a jab. Arreola throws a short left hook while Arreola targets the body. Left hook from Arreola misses badly. Arreola throws a jab and tries to line up a right hand that doesn’t find the mark. Jab and short hook lands for Arreola. Right hand lands to the body for Ruiz to end the round.

Ruiz 10-9, 97-92.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 11

Both fighters trade and land their jabs. Uppercut lands for Ruiz at mid range. Right hand from Arreola doesn’t land clean. Hard shot from Ruiz hurts Arreola’s arm yet again. Jab lands fro Arreola upstairs, then a right to the body. Now Arreola lands a right upstairs. Arreola ducks a right hook and gets back to center ring. Right to the body lands for Arreola. Jab lands for Arreola upstairs. Left hook misses for Ruiz. Left hook lands upstairs for Ruiz.

Arreola 10-9, 107-101.

RUIZ vs ARREOLA: Round 12

Jab lands for Ruiz. Two hooks land for Ruiz. Ruiz tries to put some punches together but can’t quite find the target. Arreola lands a jab upstairs. Double jab comes from Arreola but doesn’t land. Right hook from Ruiz grazes Arreola. Ruiz comes forward and tries a jab. Arreola throws a few short uppercuts on the inside. Jab lands for Arreola. Ruiz throws a hook back. Right to the body lands for Ruiz. Ruiz throws three punches, then two more.

Ruiz 10-9. I’ve got it for Ruiz, 117-110.

Official Scores: 117-110, 118-109, 118-109 for Ruiz

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