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Bec Rawlings shaves her head for charity benefitting children with cancer

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Bellator fighter and former BKFC champion Bec Rawlings won’t have to worry about pushing hair out of her eyes during training sessions any longer after shaving her head for charity.

The 32-year-old fighter recently launched a campaign benefitting children with cancer after the deadly disease struck close to home after her own father was diagnosed with liver cancer.

In response, Rawlings decide to raise funds for charity and then shaving her head at the end of the campaign, which came at the end of last week.

“I’m shaving my head, not only because it gets in my eyes at training but because my dad has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer and I thought what better way to create awareness and raise some funds for some great medical research facilities in Tasmania & Camp Quality that helps children & family’s affected by cancer,” Rawlings wrote with the campaign launch. “My hair will be coming off May 1st so dig deep & let’s raise some funds and say f*ck you to cancer!”

At the end of her campaign, Rawlings had raised more than $3,000 for Camp Quality and then followed through on her promise to lop off those locks.

“Annnnnnd here it is,” Rawlings said when showing off her new haircut. “We raised $3,735 thank you everyone who donated or supported this great cause! You can still donate if you’d like to.”

Following a run in the UFC that started as part of The Ultimate Fighter season 20 cast, Rawlings eventually left the promotion and became a champion after transitioning into bare-knuckle fighting. Rawlings then returned to mixed martial arts after inking an exclusive deal with Bellator MMA where she currently sports a 1-1 record with the promotion.

Thanks largely to the pandemic, Rawlings hasn’t had the chance to compete since February 2020 but she remains in training just waiting for the call to make her return to the cage.

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