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Dana White calls Triller a “f*cking joke,” rips CEO for constant calls: ‘I don’t give a f*ck about you, leave me alone’

Dana White is sick and tired of hearing about Triller Fight Club, especially when it comes to constant calls and messages from the company’s CEO Ryan Kavanaugh.

Just recently, Kavanaugh took to Instagram to blame the UFC for allegedly blocking Georges St-Pierre from coming out of retirement for a boxing match against Oscar De La Hoya. Kavanaugh claimed he tried to “call and text Dana five times to make it work for both parties’ but received no response.

On Saturday night, the UFC president responded and it seems he really wants Kavanaugh to lose his number.

“Oh my god, don’t even ask me about these idiots,” White said when asked about Triller. “Who gives a sh*t? Does anybody give a sh*t? I don’t give a sh*t what they think. You think I care what Triller thinks? I don’t even take their calls. This idiot calls me everyday. Texts me every day ‘please answer my call, please talk to me, why won’t you talk to me?’ Cause I don’t give a f*ck about you. Do your thing. Leave me alone. F*cking do whatever it is you’re doing. Knock yourself out. I could care less.

“I have no interest in talking to any of those idiots. They can do their thing. Do your thing. Stop talking about me. What do you give a sh*t what I’m doing? Go do your thing. I get it but get out of here. What are you doing? I don’t even know what you’re doing. What is this thing you’re trying to build? What are you doing? What do I have to do with it or my guys? Do your thing. What are you doing? Are you starting an MMA organization?”

White’s diatribe aimed at Triller didn’t necessarily answer the question regarding St-Pierre’s status when it comes to a possible boxing match against De La Hoya but then again the former UFC welterweight champion has never openly admitted or acknowledged that he was pursuing the fight either.

Of course, White also blasted De La Hoya for his constant jabs about the money being made by fighters at Triller, which is where his next bout is supposed to take place as he comes out of retirement to compete for the first time since calling it a career in 2008.

“You’ve got Oscar [De La Hoya], this f*cking idiot again in the car that night ‘come with us and make more money than you’ve ever made in your life!’ We’ve heard that before,” White said in reference to De La Hoya launching Golden Boy MMA for a single event.

Chuck Liddell’s here tonight, grab him, ask him if he made more money than he ever made in his whole life when he went with Oscar De La Hoya.”

Over the past few weeks, White has been inundated with questions about Triller, especially after Jake Paul got into an altercation with former two-division champion Daniel Cormier at a recent UFC event not to mention the YouTube star knocking out octagon veteran Ben Askren in his most recent fight.

Numerous current or former UFC fighters have also engaged in trash talk with Paul while asking to face him in his next appearance with Triller.

Time after time, White has said he has no interest in doing business with Paul or his brother Logan, who is gearing up for an exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather in June.

Regardless, White still ends up getting into an unintentional war of words with Triller quite often despite his best attempts to avoid the subject.

“You guys keep asking me about these idiots,” White said. “You guys know they’re a f*cking joke but you keep asking me about them when you know they’re a joke. You know this is bullsh*t. You know they’re all full of sh*t. But this is what you want.

“You want me to do this and I tried not to do it but I can’t help myself. But I don’t care what they’re doing. Go, f*cking go away, go do whatever you’re doing. Stop texting me, stop calling me, stop f*cking asking the media to ask me things, OK? Beat it. Get lost.”

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