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Tony Ferguson vs. Beneil Dariush full fight video highlights

Watch Tony Ferguson vs. Beneil Dariush full fight video highlights from the UFC 262 card Saturday night, courtesy of UFC.

UFC 262 took place May 15 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Tony Ferguson (25-6) and Beneil Dariush (20-5-1) collided in a key lightweight contest in the co-main event, which aired live on UFC. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Ferguson vs. Dariush, check out the live blog from MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Dariush comes out southpaw and Ferguson comes out shifty, moving a lot. Dariush has the high guard and Tony got his hands at his waist.

After a brief feeling out process, Dariush starts charging forward and Ferguson is on his bike, body weaving and looking for counters. He’s not landing many though and Dariush is landing some big shots. It’s all a prelude to a shot from Dariush and he gets his hands locked and Dariush secures the takedown.

Off his back, Ferguson quickly throws one leg over for a triangle but Dariush spots it he’s blocking the other leg. They’re moving for position and Ferguson lands a few good elbows. Dariush staying patient though and finally clears the over leg but Ferguson recomposes guard.

On top and Dariush starts swinging hammers but Ferguson is able to defend most of them. But still, Ferguson is on the defensive and Dariush is landing shows. Ferguson tries to roll for a leg but that fails against the world champion grappler and Dariush is looking to pass again. Ferguson cannot create any space on the bottom. The round continues on that way until the final horn with Ferguson avoiding damage but clearly losing the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Dariush.

Round 2

At the end of round one, Dariush tried to offer a shake to Ferguson who straight shoved him off. No pleasantries from El Cucuy.

Maybe he should have though because Dariush came out and pressured immediately, backing Ferguson to the fence. Dariush gets in on a shot and Ferguson drops to his ass very early in the round. Oooo, Ferguson has a D’Arce locked on!

Ferguson is in full guard so this would be very difficult to finish and Dariush is just being patient. He’s not going to let Ferguson finish this so it’s just a matter of time before Ferguson’s arm burn out.

Ferguson hangs on for awhile but eventually Dariush pops his head out and now he’s in guard and raining shots down on Ferguson. Less defense from Ferguson this time around as he’s trying to fire back from his back, which is not going so well.

Oh, Ferguson stands up but Dariush stays on him, Ferguson spins, Dariush grabs the back, Dariush tries to jump it and Ferguson shucks him off! Great scramble and now Ferguson is on top but Dariush immediately wraps up a leg and starts looking for a hell hook. Ferguson on the defensive but Dariush as an inverted heel hook locked in! Ferguson is grimacing in pain but he isn’t tapping out and Dariush cannot get the finish so he gives up and gets on top where Dariush rides out the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Dariush, 20-18 Dariush overall.

Round 3

In between rounds they show the replay of Ferguson in the heel hook and it seems impossible that Ferguson didn’t have something tear in his knee there. The man is too tough for his own good.

Yep, for sure something did because Ferguson can barely stand on that leg and Dariush is showing him no mercy. Big shots and pressure and Dariush bulldozes his way to a takedown. He dumps Ferguson on his head and Ferguson is done for. He’ll survive to the end of the round because he’s a tough SOB but there is no way he pulls off the comeback here.

Dariush is on top in north south and Ferguson is holding on so not much is going on. The crowd is chanting for a standup but given that Ferguson can barely stand at all, I’m not sure that is actually great for him. Now Dariush has stepped over into half guard and Daniel Cormier is talking about the tragedy of aging in this sport as they lament the end of Tony Ferguson’s career - or at least his time as a top lightweight.

The storylines are clear here but it should be noted that Dariush is not doing anything right now. Slowly he starts looking for a choke but that never gets close and Ferguson throws up a hail mary choke from the bottom that Dariush barely gives credence too and steps through. Now Dariush is on top and Ferguson is being forced to scramble. He’s surviving but really, that’s all he’s doing here and Dariush has clearly pulled off the gas to coast to victory until the horn sounds.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Dariush, 30-27 Dariush overall.

Official Decision

Beneil Dariush defeats Tony Ferguson by unanimous decision (30-27x3).

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