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UFC 262 video: Andre Muniz breaks Jacare Souza’s arm with gruesome submission in first round

UFC 262: Souza v Muniz Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Andre Muniz proclaimed prior to UFC 262 that he had superior grappling to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and it took him just under four minutes to prove it.

After taking Souza’s back against the cage, Muniz fell into an armbar as he looked to become the first person in mixed martial arts history to finish the legendary Brazilian by submission. A moment later, Muniz locked up the armbar and a sickening thud was heard throughout the arena as Souza’s arm snapped and the stoppage came just a split second later.

Replays showed Muniz positioning Souza’s forearm behind his back as he locked up the submission, which led to the bone being broken. The official end time in the fight came at 3:59 in the first round.

“I heard it snap,” Muniz said about the broken arm. “I let go not only out of respect but I’m from jiu-jitsu, I knew it could hurt him even more if I didn’t let go.

“I’m a fan of ‘Jacare’ since I was a kid. He’s my idol. I hope he’s good. I deserve a top 15 now, I’m here to stay.”

Looking like he had something to prove, Souza was launching bombs on the feet as soon as he was released from the corner while still being wary of the power coming back from Muniz. While “Jacare” was the first to look for a takedown, it was Muniz who planted the legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner on the mat in the opening round as he sought to find a good position to set up his grappling game.

It was a scramble near the cage that saw Muniz hop on Souza’s back but he was a little too high to actually get his hooks into secure the position but that ultimately led to seeing the opening for the armbar.

As soon as Muniz slid to the ground, he latched onto the arm and kicked out his hips in order to extend the submission. A second later the fight was finished as ‘Jacare’ held onto his injured arm as medical personnel rushed into offer him assistance.

With the win, Muniz remains undefeated in the UFC while picking up the biggest victory of his career while now holding the title as the only fighter to ever finish Souza by submission.

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