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Fight Circus 3 lineup announced featuring muay Thai phone booth brawl, Bob Sapp coaching, 2 vs. 1 fight

Bob Sapp
Full Metal Dojo, YouTube

Fight Circus is back for another round.

Full Metal Dojo has announced the full lineup for Fight Circus Vol. 3: Fisting for Dollars, which goes down Friday in Phuket, Thailand. If you’re familiar at all with the previous Fight Circus events, you know to expect nothing but mayhem.

Among the notable attractions being promoted for Friday’s show include a muay Thai phone booth brawl (which is apparently exactly what it sounds like), an intergender muay Thai bout, and a “Siamese boxing match” featuring two pairs facing off where the teammates are tied together.

A link to watch the event will be available on Friday at 10 p.m. ET. The link takes you to the the adult video site CamSoda, where the free stream will be broadcast.

One-time UFC fighter Will Chope will take part in one of the event’s signature two-versus-one matches as he takes on Fight Circus regulars “Bank” and “No Money.” This handicap match is expected to headline the show.

On commentary will be combat sports star Bob Sapp, who made his debut for Fight Circus at the end of their most recent show in November when he kicked off a storyline by attacking Fight Circus ringmaster Jon Nutt.

Sapp and Nutt will apparently coach two teams of fighters against one another, though exactly what kind of rules the bout will be contested under have not been revealed. The two are featured prominently in a trailer for the upcoming event:

See the full Fight Circus Vol. 3 lineup below (card definitely subject to change):

Bank and No Money vs. Will Chope - 2 vs. 1 fight

Nong Rose vs. Renaud Gurgui — intergender muay Thai bout

Tetee Denman vs. William Gurgui — Karate vs. Taekwondo kicking-only bout

Akkaranee Kadsin vs. Souris Manfredi — “Trinity rules” (one round boxing, one round muay Thai, one round MMA)

TJ Chang vs. Fabiano Hawthorne — Bare-knuckle boxing

Nai Densarakam vs. Jacky — Phone booth fight

Sofia Sigareva vs. Venus Vesper — Indian leg wrestling (the winner goes on to face Tracy Eden Larby later in the evening)

Hulices Davalos and Nauris Bartiska vs. Petsilla and Daysekda — “Siamese boxing”

Soming War vs. Dream Man — lethwei

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