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Darren Till blasts ‘utter moron’ Marvin Vettori for questioning injury: Keep your bitter mouth shut

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

UFC middleweight Darren Till unloaded on would-be UFC Vegas 23 opponent Marvin Vettori on Wednesday for calling “suspicious” a collarbone break that took him out of their scheduled fight.

Till, who this past week withdrew from Saturday’s event, called Vettori “a walking punch bag who’s tough” in a rebuke after Vettori implied his injury wasn’t serious.

The statement arrived shortly after Vettori weighed in on Till’s withdrawal at the UFC Vegas 23 media day.

“To be honest, I’m getting more suspicious by the day with this thing,” said Vettori, who is now scheduled to face Kevin Holland on Saturday at UFC APEX in Las Vegas. “I was expecting him to put out the X-ray of his collarbone and stuff.

“I really believed him in the beginning. And then a lot of people be like, ‘Do you really think he really did break the collarbone?’ But then he brought it up a few times. I was expecting him to show more. If I break my collarbone and I’m pulling out of a fight, I’m giving proof that I broke my collarbone. I don’t know, he went private on Instagram. I could be wrong, though. The responsibility to show up is still on you. You’re there to defend your spot, and if you can’t show up, I’m taking your spot.”

Till apologized to Vettori in a statement announcing his withdrawal and hoped the two could meet in the future. Some extra fuel was undoubtedly added to that possibility after Vettori’s statement.

“@marvinvettori whats up with you mate? You missing a few cells or something?” Till wrote. “If only you f*cking knew what I went through this camp to get 2 fight you. Inside & outside the gym! Let’s have it right mate you were going to be my easiest fight, You are a walking punch bag who’s tough. Nothing more & nothing less. So keep ur bitter mouth shut. For you or anyone to even think for one minute I’d pull out of a fight with some bullsh*t excuse makes me howl. Every fight camp I guarantee I train through way harsher injuries than you and 90% of the roster. What you want me to do? I’ve broke my f*cking collarbone u utter moron. Make sure u win Saturday. & here’s some advice u ugly looking lord of the rings ork motherf*cker. Just be happy for ur peers, Be happy the fact adesanya beat u, Be happy the fact I was going to school u, & be happy ur at the top in one of the most devastating sports in the world, Stop being a hater u bum. And ur not from Italy uve lived in California most of ur life u lying bastard. I’ll tag u in my x-ray so u can sleep easy tonight.”

Till most recently appeared in the octagon in July 2020, when he lost a unanimous decision to ex-champ Robert Whittaker in his first setback since moving up to the middleweight division. Vettori has won his past four UFC fights and campaigned vocally for a shot at the title.

Vettori said Till was a tougher matchup than Holland. But he expected a win to crown him the No. 1 contender.

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