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UFC reveals new Venum fighter uniforms

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Welcome, officially, to the new UFC and Venum era.

With the UFC’s outfitting partnership with Reebok ending at UFC 260 this past month after a seven-year relationship before changing gears with Venum, a company that has been producing combat sports apparel and gear since 2005.

On Tuesday, the two companies revealed the new uniforms, gear, and fight kits that fighters and corners will be wearing beginning this Saturday at UFC Vegas 23.

Check out the video of the new kits below:

Earlier this week, promotional pay tiers were released, which will be determined by octagon experience, along with separate levels for champions and fighters challenging for titles. The new partnership will give fighters a slight increase compared to the Reebok deal.

For instance, fighters just starting in the UFC with one to three fights have been bumped up from $3,500 to $4,000 under the new program. Meanwhile, defending champions will see an increase from $40,000 to $42,000 under the Venum partnership.

The first two fighters to compete under the new partnership this Saturday will be Impa Kasanganay and Sasha Palatnikov in the welterweight opener at UFC Vegas 23.

Here are some quick snapshots of the UFC uniforms from the UFC store (note: models are in uniforms not actual fighters).

UFC store