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ONE on TNT 4 video: Kirill Grishenko finishes ‘Reug Reug’ with punch to the throat in bizarre ending

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Kirill Grishenko has ended in the undefeated run of Oumar “Reug Reug” Kane.

It was a strange ending to their fight on the ONE on TNT 4 main card after Grishenkno, a massive underdog, had already given Kane a harder time than many expected.

After spending much of the contest locked in a clinch battle, Grishenko uncorked a punch just as the bell sounded at the end of the second round. Grishenko’s fist connected to Kane’s throat, and while it was a delayed reaction, “Reug Reug” grabbed his throat and then fell to the ground in obvious pain.

“Reug Reug” continued to writhe in agony on the canvas as the referee continued to check on him between rounds. But it was evident as he stayed on the ground that he would be unable to continue.

Multiple replays showed Grishenko throwing the punch just as the bell sounded but prior to referee Olivier Coste actually stepping in between the fighters to halt the action.

As “Reug Reug” was checked by medical personnel, Grishenko was declared the winner by TKO at 5:00 in the second round.

Grishenko is now 4-0 in his career as he picks up his biggest career win while the viral sensation “Reug Reug” falls to 3-1.