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Chris Weidman shares X-rays of shattered leg from UFC 261

UFC 261 Weigh-in
Chris Weidman
Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Chris Weidman has promised to share the details of his recovery from a gruesome leg injury and now he’s showing just how severe it was before he underwent surgery on Sunday.

At Saturday’s UFC 261 show in Jacksonville, Fla., Weidman suffered the injury 17 seconds into his fight with Uriah Hall when the very first strike of the fight that he threw, a leg kick, was checked by Hall resulting in Weidman’s leg instantly breaking. Weidman was taken out of the arena on a stretcher and later went to a hospital, where surgery was done on his leg the next day.

Weidman said the procedure was successful and that a titanium rod had been inserted through his tibia, which can be seen in the X-rays below, taken before and after surgery:

In the X-rays, it can also see how clean Weidman’s break was. According to Weidman, his fibula broke as well, but did not require an additional titanium rod as it appeared to have “matched back up to where it was broken” and the hopes are that it will heal on its own. Weidman said it is possible he could return to training anywhere from 6-to-12 months from now.

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