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Chris Weidman undergoes successful surgery on broken leg, recovering now following injury suffered at UFC 261

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UFC 261: Hall v Weidman Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Chris Weidman is already on the mend.

The former middleweight champion suffered a gruesome broken leg after throwing the first kick of his fight against Uriah Hall on the UFC 261 main card on Saturday night. As soon as the kick landed, Weidman’s leg was immediately injured and he fell down to the canvas in agonizing pain as medical personnel rushed into the cage to offer him assistance.

Less than 24 hours later, Weidman’s wife offered an update on his condition after the New York native underwent successful surgery to repair the damage done.

“Well that was horrible,” Marivi Weidman said ina post on Instagram. “Freak things happen in life and plans get crushed. It’s been a lonnnggg day but so happy to finally see this man of mine post surgery. Everything went well thank you Lord!

“My heart breaks for my husband because I know the work and dedication that he puts into his training everyday and the great man that he is, so I only want the best for him. While this absolutely sucks in the moment and for some weeks to come, we are completely overwhelmed by the love and support we have far and wide and are very aware how blessed we are. All of that overpowers the awfulness of this situation.”

It was the most unfortunate of circumstances for Weidman after he suffered the injury during the very first kick he threw in the fight.

He was eventually carried out on a stretcher before being taken to a local hospital in Jacksonville where UFC president Dana White later confirmed he was in stable condition with plans for his surgery on Sunday.

At this time, there are still no exact details on the bone that was broken but obviously Weidman is resting and recovering following the surgical procedure.

Weidman’s former opponent Anderson Silva, who suffered a similar injury in their rematch eight years ago, sent him a message of support after watching the fight at UFC 261. In his case, Silva was able to recover and return to the cage 13 months later.