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Conor McGregor promises to ‘smack’ Kamaru Usman once he conquers lightweight again: ‘It’s mine soon’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

After watching Kamaru Usman finish Jorge Masvidal in brutal fashion in the UFC 261 main event, Conor McGregor is now promising to eventually go after the reigning welterweight champion.

Following the action on Saturday night where Usman capped off the card with a devastating right hand that put Masvidal down and out, McGregor decided to weigh in on the action after previously taking shots at “The Nigerian Nightmare” for copying his catchphrases and now supposedly imitating his moves.

“Usman even copying my shots now,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “Am I to fight this guy at some stage? I think so. Can’t be copying my words and my shots and not get a smack for it. I like 170. It’s mine soon.”

Prior to the event, Usman joked that it was a “green panty” night whenever anybody got the opportunity to face him, which was a play on words after McGregor touted a “red panty night” for his opponents cashing a hefty paycheck after taking on the biggest draw in the sport.

Now McGregor is promising his future lies at 170 pounds but first things first, he has to conquer lightweight and that starts with his rematch against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July.

“I’m a block at 170 guys,” McGregor said. “Give me till end of year at this 155 weight. I’ll get the strap and then I’ll go up again. After green fungus panties hahaha ‘cos any one of these fools can get it’ – Usman.”

McGregor has previously mentioned going up to welterweight in his pursuit of a third UFC title after previously winning championships at both lightweight and featherweight.

There was even a time a few years ago when McGregor was sizing up then champion Tyron Woodley during a weigh-in where both fighters were stepping on the scale.

Of course, McGregor currently sports a 2-1 record at welterweight in the UFC after splitting a pair of fights with Nate Diaz along with a win over Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone so he doesn’t have a whole lot of experience in the division.

For his part, Usman was asked about possibly facing McGregor prior to his knockout against Masvidal and he scoffed at the idea that the Irish superstar would actually attempt a run at welterweight to face him.

“The thought of fighting guys like that is just so far out of my spectrum, out of my mind, it’s just not feasible,” Usman told MMA Fighting ahead of UFC 261. “It’s not something they would even be interested in. At the end of the day, I like to think they have a little bit of sanity, that they’re honest with themselves as well. I don’t think that’s something even if I did offer them that.

“I’ve offered Conor the fight before. Before Masvidal, I sat here and said Conor, you talked all this, you’re tweeting this, you’re typing this, and you won’t mention my name but you’re typing all this stuff about me, if you want the title shot, you’ve got it. Let’s go. Let’s do it. I got no response. Nothing.”

There’s little doubt that Usman would be an overwhelming favorite against McGregor if the fight ever happened but it seems unlikely to take place.

UFC president Dana White has previously shot down McGregor facing other welterweights like Masvidal so it seems unlikely he’d jump at the chance to book the most profitable fighter on the roster against arguably the greatest fighter to ever compete at 170 pounds.

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