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UFC 261 video: Dana White releases replay of Chris Weidman’s broken leg, notes Uriah Hall’s record

The UFC replayed Chris Weidman’s broken leg only once at UFC 261, and several fighters and fans quickly chimed in that they wouldn’t watch.

But for those with a strong stomach, UFC President Dana White released the finishing sequence in Weidman’s rematch with Uriah Hall on his personal Twitter account, nothing Hall had broken a UFC record under the most unusual – and unfortunate – circumstances.

Hall, he wrote, is the first fighter to win in the octagon without a single strike thrown.

Weidman’s broken leg came more than seven years after he broke Anderson Silva’s leg at UFC 168 in a rematch of his title-winning performance at UFC 162. The circumstances were almost identical with Hall checking his leg kick and it gruesomely folding as he planted on it.

Weidman was escorted out of the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla. Hall wished his two-time opponent well and welcomed a rematch when he healed up.

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