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Missed Fists: ‘La Loba’ wins wild brawl at Combate Global show, more

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Lucero Acosta and Allysen Breeden fight at a Combate Global show in Miami on April 16
Combate Global, YouTube

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

Normally we like to lead with some kind of freaky-deaky clip from the combat sports world, but since all the freaky-deaky stuff was happening on a heavily-hyped pay-per-view in Atlanta last weekend, that kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it?

Lucky for us, the regional and international scene is always good for plenty of wild brawls, ridiculous knockouts, and stomach-churning submissions.

Lucero Acosta vs. Allysen Breeden

For those unaware, Combate Americas rebranded as Combate Global earlier this year ahead of their return to operations. They held their first event since the COVID-19 outbreak on April 9, and this past Friday, they kept the ball rolling with another show in Miami.

With a new name comes the opportunity to create new stars, and perhaps the brightest from this most recent card was Lucero Acosta a.k.a. “La Loba.” Acosta has competed sporadically since making her debut with Combate in 2019, but if she can keeps getting involved in wild brawls like this one, she’s going to become a fan favorite real fast.

Credit to Allysen Breeden too for throwing down with no regard for her own health.

Check out the rest of the highlights from the five-fight card here:

Josh Altum vs. Frank Meno
Morgan Oriahi vs. Derrick Ageday
Le’Ville Simpson vs. Nico Echeverry

We have a bunch of great submissions this week, starting with Josh Altum’s brilliant triangle choke of Frank Meno at Fury FC 45 (available on UFC Fight Pass) in Houston on Sunday.

Meno probably thought he was doing a decent job of muscling his way out of trouble here, but Altum locks in that triangle as he goes to his back and that’s all she wrote. Unsurprisingly, Altum has a great nickname: Superglue!

Gimme a second while I come up with a clever line for this Morgan Oriahi flying knee finish of Derrick Ageday.

I bet Ageday probably aged a few years after eating that shot. Nailed it.

In the main event, Le’Ville Simpson became the latest fighter to claim the monkey’s paw that is the Fury FC lightweight title (seriously, nobody can hang onto this thing) when he landed a crisp head kick that was the beginning of the end for Nico Echeverry.

Konstantin Li vs. Aleksandr Makhnev

From a Fighting Championship Pankration show in Kaliningrad, Russia, on Saturday, we go back to highlighting subs. This shot by Aleksandr Makhnev just went horribly wrong as Konstantin Li snatched his neck up and didn’t let go until Makhnev was limp.

Gotta get in there a little quicker, ref.

Jakub Drozdziel vs. Krystian Bartocha

We saw a similar scene at a HYPE 1 show (promoted by Fame MMA) in Poland, which features a fighting enclosure not unlike the one featured in Karate Combat.

In a battle of pro debutants, Jakub Drozdziel had Krystian Bartocha in trouble already and it only got worse for Bartocha when he went in for a desperation shot. Once again, neck snatched, guy goes limp, fight over.

Bakhytbek Duyshobay vs. Ilya Freymanov
Sergey Romanov vs. Vanilto Antunes
Ilya Kireev vs. Thiago Hayne

So just never shoot, right? Wrong.

At Open Fighting Championship 3 in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Saturday, Bakhytbek Duyshobay made the best of a bad situation to pick up a submission in just 57 seconds.

Duyshobay’s opponent Ilya Freymanov has the takedown attempt scouted, but Duyshobay makes an instant adjustment and goes for Freymanov’s neck before Freymanov can go for his. Genius! The ensuing anaconda choke transition is probably not as easy as Duyshobay made it look, but this is certainly a trick a lot of wrestlers should add to their arsenal.

The best KO from this show was Vanilto Antunes getting Aljo’d by Sergey Romanov.

I suppose it’s possible that Romanov timed this strike to catch Antunes’ face as he ducked in, but that looks like an accidental knee knockout to me.

And if that kind of happenstance finish isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll love the unmistakable intent behind this Ilya Kireev KO.

Watch how Kireev eats a right hand here and is like, “Hm, maybe I’ll try one of those,” then he just cranks Thiago Hayne. Fighting, it’s so simple.

Aleksandr Mashchenko vs. Vsevolod Setskiy

The last, but definitely not least, of the submissions we’re highlighting this week comes courtesy of Aleksandr Mashchenko at a Modern Pankration Federation: Amur Challenge 19 (whew) in Blagoveshchensk, Russia, from this past Saturday.

It took Mashchenko all of 62 seconds to take Vsevolod Setskiy’s and make an absolute mess out of it.

Look at the way Mashchenko gives up mount to attack that arm. This man was hungry for a submission.

Roland Dunlap vs. Obinwa Ikebunna

The only reason this crazy slam isn’t higher up in the feature is because I would hope people didn’t miss this one when it happened last Friday. But just in case:

Brutal finish, excellent work from Roland Dunlap, but it comes with a couple of caveats. Though I hate to be that guy (that’s a total lie, I love being that guy), it should be mentioned that it’s really a collision of heads that causes the KO, not the impact from the slam, as sweet as the slam undeniably is. And I’m also deducting style points for the unnecessary elbows.

But that’s just me being a stick in the mud, you can catch the replay of LFA 104 on UFC Fight Pass and judge for yourself.


What was the most memorable Missed Fists moment this week?

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