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Video: Ronda Rousey announces pregnancy

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Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne have a little one on the way.

The former UFC fighters announced via Rousey’s official YouTube channel Wednesday that Rousey is currently four months pregnant.

“Pow! Four months pregnant, you didn’t even know. Last four months,” Rousey said in a video, which can be watched above.

“I’ve been pregnant since January, so four months, woo, baby bump. I can’t hide it anymore, so it’s time to show it off.”

According to Rousey, the child is expected to arrive on Sept. 22.

The video features more details of Rousey and Browne’s journey, including footage of the sonogram.

Since competing in her last fight for the UFC back in 2016, Rousey has openly spoken about wanting to become a mother. The former bantamweight champion has stayed busy in the entertainment field, acting in several major Hollywood films and going on a historic run with the WWE from 2018-2019 that saw her become the first women to headline the professional wrestling company’s milestone WrestleMania event.

Browne never formally announced his retirement from MMA competition, but he has not competed since UFC 213 on July 8, 2017.