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Jake Paul claims Mike Perry is ‘light work,’ Perry responds to ‘spoiled brat’ with sparring footage

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Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

Jake Paul and Mike Perry seem to have differing views as it relates to a past sparring session.

Following Paul’s first-round TKO win over Ben Askren in the headliner of Saturday’s Triller Fight Club event, UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier suggested the 3-0 pro boxer’s next fight should be with Perry.

On Sunday, Paul released a short video clip following a sparring session with the UFC welterweight, where Perry can be heard saying, “You kicked my ass.” The YouTuber also suggested Perry was “light work before seemingly calling out Poirier.

To nobody’s surprise, Perry wasn’t going to let that go without giving his side of the story. At first, Perry explained the sparring session from his vantage point.

Around five hours later, “Platinum” took to Instagram where he released, what he states is, the only clip taken from their sparring session. In addition, Perry took umbrage to Paul’s response to Poirier and how he views Perry as a competitor.

“The only clip we got,” Perry stated. “Go ahead and post some Jake Paul. I took your best shots and walked you down all day. We all know I’m not heard to hit but I’m gonna focus on that now. You know there was no danger in boxing a wrestler [Saturday] night and you have me the chance to punch you in the face (and I did) and I respected it but you mistook that and that’s my fault. I show up with my girl and baby so I don’t bring drama. I show up and fight.

“I was a fan after you sparred me. You showed heard and you’re already successful and you seemed to have a strong team (power in numbers) but you’re a spoiled brat and I’m rich in life. You’re broke with a bunch of fake yes men around you that you pay for. I don’t f*ck with nobody and all the money in the world can’t make you real like me.”

As the night went on, Perry continued to post on Twitter regarding a potential matchup with Paul, calling him out further, while also showing a bit of respect at times.

Paul has a lot of buzz and momentum following his stoppage win over Askren and it seems as if there are many in the MMA space who will be lining up for the opportunity to stand across the squared circle from the 24-year-old. While official numbers haven’t been released, Paul claims that Saturday’s event did 1.5 million PPV buys.

Perry is coming off of a recent unanimous decision loss to Daniel Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 23 and has dropped four of his last five overall.