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Paul vs. Askren results: Regis Prograis wins technical decision over Ivan Redkach following phantom low blow

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Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren - Weigh In Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

Regis Prograis cruised to victory in the Triller Fight Club co-main event but not without a bizarre set of circumstances surrounding the end of his bout against Ivan Redkach.

After dominating the majority of the fight, Prograis was in complete control and it appeared he was possibly only a couple of hard shots away from possibly earning a knockout when a wayward body blow saw Redkach fall to the ground, doubled over in pain. Redkach immediately grabbed his groin as if he took a low blow and he continued writhing in pain on the ground, which eventually led to a stretcher being brought out to help him leave the ring.

The only problem was replays showed that Prograis never came close to the groin area with his punch and it looked like his right forearm barely glanced Redkach’s own arm and hip before he dropped to the ground. Still, Redkach was unable to continue and the fight was stopped with the scorecards being tallied based on the fight up to that point.

Ultimately, Prograis won a lopsided decision with the judges scoring the fight 60-54, 60-54 and 59-54 in his favor.

Prior to the strange ending, Prograis had already done far more work throughout the fight despite a bit of a slow star in the opening round. As the second got underway, Prograis looked to set up a slick jab with his right hand while loading up the power from his left. With Redkach on his back foot, Prograis started coming after him with more aggression while throwing a couple of hard left hooks that both had some serious zip behind them.

Prograis was far more active as he pursued Redkach around the ring, chipping away with shots to the body and then going back up top with that same left hand again and again.

Late in the third round, Prograis was still coming forward and that’s when he caught Redkach with a counter punch that snapped his head back just before the bell rang.

Once he had Redkach stunned, Prograis was just looking for the kill as he continued to feed his opponent a steady diet of left hands. Prograis was unloading huge shots and fearing no reprisal from Redkach, who was definitely overmatched despite his best efforts to stay tough in the exchanges.

Midway through the sixth round, Prograis was landing at will and that’s when he unloaded with the shot that saw Redkach crumble to the ground. The referee paused the action calling the shot a low blow but a replay clearly showed that Prograis landed clean without any contact to the groin.

Either way, the fight was stopped and Prograis got the victory as he moved to 26-1 overall during his career.