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Paul vs. Askren results: Joe Fournier calls out Jake Paul after stopping Reykon with two knockdowns

Getty Images for Triller

A four-year absence from the sport didn’t stop Joe Fournier from making quick work of reggaeton artist Reykon in the opening bout on the main card for the Triller Fight Club card on Saturday night.

The billionaire businessman was offensive minded from the start of the fight against a clearly outmatched opponent in Reykon, who could only keep his hands up in an attempt to avoid the punches coming for him. A pair of knockdowns in the second round left Reykon rattled and when he was unable to make it out for the start of the third, the fight was stopped with Fournier earning the TKO victory.

Afterwards, Fournier delivered on a pre-fight promise to call for a fight against Jake Paul, who is competing in the main event on the same card.

“It just kind of came out naturally,” Fournier said about the finish. “I wanted four or five rounds to get my feet back under me honestly. Everyone knows, I’d love Jake Paul next.”

There wasn’t a ton of action in the early going with Fournier doing most of the punching while Reykon was playing defense. Fournier wasn’t incredibly active but he was definitely throwing more shots while Reykon was just keeping his hands high.

As the second round got started, Fournier starting digging to the body with Reykon still failing to offer much in response. With Fournier still moving forward, he unloaded a huge left hook that cracked Reykon on the chin and sent him down to the canvas.

While he was able to get back to the feet, Reykon was just trying to avoid more damage while Fournier was on the attack, looking for the finish.

Fournier earned a second knockdown after a left-right combination that left Reykon on wobbly feet before he eventually just went down to his knees as the referee administered an eight count before he was able to get up again.

The second round came to a close but Reykon was obviously still hurt and exhausted from a lopsided fight. Unable to rise for the third round, Reykon was counted out and the fight was stopped with Fournier moving to 9-0 overall in his fight career.

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