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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren prop bets: Which fighter will bleed first, more

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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren News Conference
Jake Paul and Ben Askren will clash Saturday night in Atlanta
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren prop bets are just as wild as the clash itself could be Saturday night in Atlanta.

From what Snoop Dogg will say during the pay-per-view event to which fighter will get knocked down first, check out the prop bets for this upcoming weekend’s anticipated boxing showdown below.

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Will Jake Paul wear a face mask during walkout?

Yes -200

No +150

Will Jake Paul be hooded during walkout?

Yes -400

No +250

Color of Jake Paul gloves

Silver +125

White +250

Black +250

Red +300

Blue +600

Will Snoop Dogg say “for shizzle” during broadcast?

Yes +150

No -200

Will Snoop Dogg reference marijuana during broadcast?

Yes -500

No +300

How much will Jake Paul’s knockout of Nate Robinson NFT sell for?

Over $50,000

Under $50,000

Jake Paul total Instagram followers on 4/18/21

Over 15 million

Under 15 million

Will either fighter bleed?

Yes -120

No -120

Which fighter will bleed first?

Jake Paul -110

Ben Askren -130

Will either fighter lose mouthpiece during fight?

Yes +170

No -250

Will fighters touch gloves before fight?

Yes -1000

No +550

Will the fight end in first 60 seconds of Round 1?

Yes +1200

No -5000

Will the fight go the distance?

Yes +175

No -210

Who will land a higher percentage of punches?

Ben Askren -120

Jake Paul -120

Which fighter will be knocked down first?

Ben Askren -300

Jake Paul +200

Ben Askren gets knocked down

Yes -150

No +110

Jake Paul gets knocked down

Yes +160

No -210

Both fighters get knocked down

Yes +275

No -400

Will either fighter bite the other fighter?

Yes +800

No -2500

Will there be an official point deduction during fight?

Yes +300

No -500

Will either corner throw in the towel?

Yes +900

No -3000

Method of Victory

Jake Paul by KO, TKO or DQ +100

Ben Askren by Decision +275

Ben Askren KO, TKO or DQ +300

Jake Paul by Decision +700

Draw +1200

Fight Odds

Jake Paul -150

Ben Askren +120