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Video: Jake Paul warns Ben Askren’s family not to watch April 17 boxing bout

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Jake Paul v Ben Askren - News Conference
Jake Paul
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jake Paul has thrown every insult in the book at Ben Askren and now he has a warning for the former UFC fighter’s family.

Askren made a recent appearance on Jake’s brother Logan’s Impaulsive podcast and while Askren won over Logan and his crew throughout the episode, it ended with Logan playing a personal message on the show from Jake.

“Ben, what’s up you ugly motherf*cker,” Jake said. “You middle-aged, Dutchwoman, ugly, Napoleon Dynamite-looking ass motherf*cker. I know you’re probably sitting there right now with your little pedo smile, your little big-ass ears, your octagon-shaped head. You think this is a f*cking game. You think this is a fun payday, you think this is a way to get clout, and you might be right. But I promise April 17 will be the worst day of your f*cking life. Just as I asked Nate Robinson’s kids not to watch the fight, I will ask your kids not to do the same.”

The younger Paul brother is 2-0 as a professional boxer so far with wins over fellow YouTube personality AnEsonGib and longtime NBA veteran Nate Robinson. Paul’s win over Robinson came via a violent second-round KO, which quickly went viral.

Askren, a welterweight champion in the ONE Championship and Bellator promotions, compiled a 19-2 (1 NC) record as a pro fighter before retiring from MMA in 2019. He had a memorable three-fight run in the UFC that saw him defeat former champion Robbie Lawler and also suffer a five-second flying knee knockout at the hands of Jorge Masvidal, the fastest KO in UFC history.

“So Ben Askren’s kids, wife, please don’t watch this because your dad will be bloodied, unconscious on the f*cking canvas April 17 and I don’t want you guys to see that,” Paul continued. “You already saw him get knocked out in five seconds by Masvidal. Your kids are probably going to school getting made fun of because their dad got knocked out in five seconds and then he’s gonna get knocked out by Jake Paul so please, leave them out of this. You f*cked up, Ben, by taking this fight.

“April 17, I promised to my team, my family, my brother who’s there right next to you right now, I promise to make you go down in history as the world’s worst UFC fighter. You’re dumb as f*ck, bro. April 17, I’m gonna show the world just how big of a b*tch you are. I’m gonna make you my b*tch. I f*cking promise that. And P.S., I know a good barber who can help you cut that Brillo pad off the top of your f*cking head. Peace out, guys. Logan, what’s up?”

Askren shrugged off the insults, at first responding only to the comments about his intelligence and his hair.

“Here’s my rebuttal, “I have genius-level IQ, my hair is outstanding. What’s the issue?”

Logan Paul said that he regretted playing the video after getting to know Askren, but Askren remained unimpressed by Jake’s latest taunt.

“He’s trying to be intimidating, but it wasn’t very intimidating,” Askren said. “I’ve spent the last decade of my life getting in there who are real killers. With four-ounce gloves who could kick me or knee me or elbow me or really do anything they want, so the fact that he could just punch me, that’s pretty easy comparatively.”

“I think in his head he’s convinced himself of a narrative that’s gonna take place and he has to say things to make himself feel good and stuff,” Askren continued. “But yeah, very, very little of that was true. My kids have a great life, they’re so happy.”

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