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Morning Report: Jake Paul says that if Conor McGregor loses to Dustin Poirier again, he’ll call for bout with Poirier

Jake Paul v Ben Askren - News Conference Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that Jake Paul understands how the fight game works.

Last week, Paul had a press conference with upcoming boxing opponent Ben Askren where their war of words turned physical during the staredown, with Askren facepaming Paul who in turn responded by shoving Askren. In the aftermath, Paul spoke with ESPN about the incident, noting that it has given him even more confidence heading into their fight.

“Clearly he’s pissed off. He turns away, goes to put his hand in my face, BOOM, pull counter right to the body,” Paul said. “He’s lucky I didn’t knock him out. I stopped myself from knocking him out. Everyone says he has this dumpy power, this wrestling strength and all this athleticism. This guy is made of flubber. Literally when I pushed him it was like there was nothing there. He flew six feet. That’s not how a wrestler’s base is. And he tried to sucker punch me and he couldn’t even hit me, so what’s going to happen in the fight? He barely nicked my face.”

Paul and Askren will fight next month as the main event for Triller boxing. Over the past couple of years Paul, primarily known as a YouTube personality, has jumped into the world of boxing, winning bouts against another YouTube personality, AnEnsonGib, and then this past November against former NBA star Nate Robinson. Following the Robinson knockout, Paul began calling for fights against several MMA stars, including Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. In the end, it was Askren who answered the call, and though Askren has never been known as a brilliant striker, Paul believes this win will earn him credibility int he fight community, which in turn can set up even bigger names.

“People are saying, ‘He’s not a boxer, he’s a wrestler,’ but somehow do people forget I’m a Disney Channel, YouTube actor?” Paul said. “Why am I the favorite? If the boxing community doesn’t consider Jake Paul a boxer, how can they make the excuse for Ben that he’s not a striker? Oh, I’m a striker so you’re saying I’m not a striker but in an innuendo type of way say that I’m a better striker so it doesn’t make sense to me. It will build a lot of credibility and if he can make it past a couple rounds it will truly show the boxing community, like, this kid can actually box and I think people will respect that. I’ve been putting in the work, training with world champions and sparring with world champions and it’s gonna show.”

Ultimately, Paul is looking to set up a lucrative fight with former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor that Paul has been chasing for awhile. In December, Paul reportedly offered McGregor $50 million for a fight instead of facing Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 and, given how that event turned out for McGregor, Paul says “Notorious” made the wrong choice.

“If I was Conor he should’ve tooken (sic) the $50 million I offered him to take ‘the easier’ fight,” Paul said. “He got $10 million with a little bit of backend for the UFC event against Dustin but he lost. So why not take $50 million to fight a YouTuber? That’s what he should’ve done, quite frankly. Now he has to fight his way back. That’s the most embarrassing loss of his career. He got knocked out, TKOed. He should’ve taken the Jake Paul fight. More money, more hype.”

McGregor is currently in talks to rematch Poirier this summer, a fight which Paul believes is now critically important to MMA’s biggest star. Not because McGregor’s MMA career is in jeopardy, but because a fight with Paul may depend on it.

“I just think McGregor has that name where he will be big in this sport for a while. But if he loses again to Poirier, I’ll be like ‘Yo, let me fight Poirier,’” Paul said. “Why not? He has to win in his own sport first and then maybe we can figure something out. I’m Conor’s money fight right now, as crazy as that sounds. Khabib retired, he’s all pissed off about it. Jake Paul vs. Conor is the money fight. It’s funny, what world are we living in where that even makes sense?”

Paul faces Askren on April 17 in Atlanta, GA.


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