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Video: Gunshots fired in the air during melee at amateur MMA show in Florida

@hectorlombard, Instagram

Fans and fighters were sent scrambling at an amateur MMA event this past weekend when one attendee inexplicably began firing gunshots into the air.

Former UFC fighter and current Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship boxer Hector Lombard captured footage of the scary incident, which occurred a Rize Fighting Championship show at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth Beach, Fla., this past Saturday.

The incident was first reported by TMZ.

According to Lombard, the gunfire was preceded by a cageside scuffle.

“This guy just shot his handgun in the middle of a melee at an amateur show,” Lombard wrote in an accompanying caption. “Shameful and pathetic cowardly behavior ruined a great night of fights.”

Police initially responded to a shots fired call, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Teri Barbera told MMA Fighting. A sweep of the area found that no one had been struck by gunfire, though some people received minor injuries during the melee and were treated by PBC Fire Rescue.

No arrests have been made, but police are treating this as an ongoing investigation.

“We’re talking to witnesses and we’re trying to track down who may have been involved in that, but thankfully, no one was struck by gunfire,” Barbera said. “There could be more charges. It could have killed somebody. Right now, it’s shots fired, which is a felony charge.”

Rize Fighting Championship President Armando Gonzalez told Florida’s WBPF that the shooting occurred after the main event and that the plan is for future events to have increased security.

“It was kind of scary for a lot of people, we were definitely in shock to see something like that happen,” Gonzalez said.

“For an event that went so well to end like that it’s kind of frustrating,” he added. “Hopefully the authorities will take that man into custody.”

Bamboo Room co-owner Darren Cummings told WBPF that MMA events may no longer be in the cards for the venue.

“For us, I’m not sure we are going to allow these events anymore in our parking lot,” Cummings said. “We will stick to out we do which is more live music.”

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