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KSW 59 video: Damian Janikowski wins, pops dislocated finger back into place

Damian Janikowski performed his own post-fight medical care following a win at KSW 59 on Saturday.

The KSW middleweight, and 2012 Olympic bronze medal wrestler from Poland, stopped Bellator vet Jason Radcliffe via second-round TKO. Then, after discovering he’d injured a finger in his left hand while thumping his opponent, took his healthy right hand and whacked the injured digit.

Apparently that did the trick, because Janikowski made a fist and resumed his post-fight celebration at the event in Lodz, Poland.

Check out the video below:

Janikowski has now his past two fights and is 6-3 overall as a professional. If anyone doubted his toughness before KSW 59, they really shouldn’t now.

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