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Morning Report: Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson comes to Hans Molenkamp’s defense: ‘He’s there for fighters’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

At UFC 259, former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz defeated Casey Kenney and then used his post-fight interview to callout Monster Energy business development representative, Hans Molenkamp. Monster Energy is a longtime sponsor of both Cruz and the UFC and Cruz explained that his callout of Molenkamp stemmed from what he believes are unreasonable demands made by Molenkamp with the threat of withholding sponsorship money. Since Cruz’s allegation, other people involved in the sport have joined in decrying Molenkamp including former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping. But now Molenkamp has his own prominent supporter.

Quinton Jackson has been sponsored by Monster Energy for years and has worked with Molenkamp before, and upon hearing the allegations coming out against the Monster rep, “Rampage” has come to his defense.

“I hang out with Hans when we do Monster shoots and things like,” Jackson told MMA Junkie. “Hans will ask you, ‘Let’s do this s*** for the Internet, for social media,’ but everybody does that now. If you’re a fighter or anything, and you’re hanging out with your peers or your people, people are going to ask you to do some sh*t.

“No way will Hans ever ask people, ‘Do this post for me or you’re not going to get a sponsorship.’ That s*** is f****** stupid.”

But though Jackson denies that the core complaint against Molenkamp is true, the former UFC light heavyweight champion does admit that Molenkamp has taken some liberties with his social media presence.

“It’s true – Dana White did have to get on Hans,” Jackson said. “Hans would take a picture with Conor McGregor, and he’ll take a picture like they’re talking and he’ll say, ‘Hey, we’ve got some big news.’ He’ll do that, but that’s what social media is. That’s what all those motherf****** be doing: ‘Yeah, I’m doing big things with Conor McGregor.’

“He’ll take a picture with Dana like, ‘Yeah, we’re cooking up some business.’ But I see so many other people doing that s***. Just because he works for Monster, I don’t know, I think people are hating on him.”

Part of the reason Jackson doesn’t believe the allegations made against Molenkamp is because he says that no such thing has ever happened with him despite the fact that he has at times refused to do what Molenkamp wanted.

“Hans, he has that fighter spirit,” Jackson said. “He’s there for fighters. I notice that about him. And sometimes, me and Hans, we don’t see eye-to-eye. Honestly, we don’t. Sometimes Hans and I don’t see eye-to-eye, and I can understand why people would get mad at him, but whenever he asks me, ‘Let’s do this post,’ and stuff like this, and I’m like, ‘Hans, I’m overweight right now; I don’t want to do this stuff right now.’ He’s like, ‘OK, man. I get it.’ He doesn’t say, ‘Do this post or you ain’t going to get no sponsorship.’

“You can ask people like Daniel Cormier, Jorge Masvidal – those fighters need to step up. Even Conor McGregor and Jon Jones. T.J Dillashaw. Juan Archuleta. These fighters need to come forward.”

Ultimately, Jackson seems to believe that Molenkamp is being unfairly railroaded by Cruz and others.

“Hans doesn’t even have the power to say, ‘You don’t get a contract if you don’t post this or do that,’” Jackson said. “I think he can vouch for you, but if you already got a Monster deal, he can’t just cancel your contract because you don’t do something for him. It doesn’t work that way. I just feel bad. It seems like too many people are chiming in, and I’m like, ‘How come nobody is telling the truth about Hans,’ that he isn’t like that?

“He wants to post funny skits with you and stuff, but everybody does that s***. We do it to each other. I did that s*** with the Diaz brothers. I bumped into them in Vegas, and I said, ‘Hey, let’s do a funny skit.’ They could have said, ‘No.’ We did a funny skit, and that s*** went viral, like Nick tried to steal my girlfriend. We all do that s*** to each other. I don’t know why people are trying to act like that is so f***** up.”

Molenkamp himself has yet to speak up but Monster Energy did release a statement saying they were investigating the matter and Dominick Cruz says he’s spoken with the company about the issue and seems to be pleased with how things are progressing.


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