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DA declines to file charges in Oklahoma football player Spencer Jones’ bar brawl

No criminal charges will be filed after a fight in a Norman, Okla., involving OU football player Spencer Jones and MMA practitioners Walker and Braden Brown.

After a “thorough investigation” by the Norman police department, Cleveland County (Okla.) District Attorney Greg Mashburn decided against moving forward with a pair of assault charges filed after the bathroom brawl at Logie’s on the Corner, which went viral with 8.6 million views after a bystander filmed it.

“We have carefully considered the entirety of the circumstances surrounding the incident including a previous altercation between the parties and the actions that led up to the physical fight caught on camera by a bystander,” stated Mashburn in a press release issued Thursday by the Norman police. “My office has decided that no criminal charges are appropriate as this appears to be a mutual combat situation in which both parties voluntarily engaged in a fist fight.”

The fight started after Jones and another man pushed Brown and appeared to bloody his nose. Brown and his brother then fought back, slamming Jones and the other man to the ground and punching them repeatedly.

Jones attorney Woodrow “Woody” Glass said the football player nearly lost his left eye after his orbital bone was shattered in the Feb. 13 fight, requiring a four-hour corrective surgery. Walker Brown said he tore his bicep and recently underwent surgery.

On Feb. 16, two charges of assault and battery were reported to the Norman police, which then looked into the fight using “investigative reports, videos, witness statements and other documents,” per the release.

Walker and Brayden Brown train MMA at the gym owned by their father, Tommy Brown. Walker Brown started a GoFundMe drive that raised over $66,000 to help pay for legal and medical expenses.

In a statement posted on Thursday to the GoFundMe page, Brown’s attorney Steve Stice thanked the Norman police despite “attempts to convey alternative narratives by others” and said Brown “remains overwhelmed by the encouragement he has received from friends and strangers through calls, texts and internet posts.”

Stice added the resolution of the criminal case does not rule out a potential civil lawsuit.

“We are waiting to see if any civil lawsuits are filed,” he wrote. “Our law firm stands ready to vigorously defend Walker against any cases brought against him by anyone associated with this situation. This being said, Walker will be unable to comment on the events of that evening until we know whether there will be future litigation.”

Glass did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Here is a video of the brawl that went viral below:

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