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Video: Georgy Shakhruramazanov lands fantastic spinning wheel kick knockout at EFC 33

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Georgy Shakhruramazanov (right) hits Ali Dikaev with a fight-ending wheel kick at EFC 33 in Moscow on Monday
@Grabaka_Hitman, Twitter

Featherweight prospect Georgy Shakhruramazanov stayed undefeated on Tuesday, and he did it in style.

A little under three minutes into the first round of his bout at Eagle Fighting Championship 33 in Moscow, Shakhruramazanov put opponent Ali Dikaev away with a spinning wheel kick that immediately lands him on the short list for the best knockouts of 2021.

In the above clip, Shakhruramazanov can be seen landing a crushing knee to the body that already had Dikaev shaken. Unfortunately for Dikaev, there was nowhere to go and as he backed into the fence, Shakhruramazanov primed the finishing strike that sent Dikaev into another dimension.

With the win, Shakhruramazanov improved to 10-0 as a pro.