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Jake Paul trashes Tommy Fury as an ‘embarrassment’ for pulling out of their fight: ‘They’re just a bunch of b*tches’

Jake Paul got the call every fighter dreads this past Friday when he was informed that Tommy Fury would be unable to compete against him on December 18.

The hotly anticipated showdown matched Paul up against the former Love Island reality star after the two exchanged words over social media, interviews, and in a heated encounter back in September after Paul defeated Tyron Woodley to move to 4-0 in his career.

“I don’t get how grown men can be such b*tches,” the YouTube celebrity turned boxer said while appearing on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour. “Pulling out of fights like this. I really wanted to knock the Brit out and make him the laughingstock of the internet, but I think he saw that coming and he cracked under pressure, and I’m a little disappointed.”

Fury issued a statement on Monday claiming that a chest infection combined with a broken rib was what ultimately forced him to drop out of the fight, however Paul isn’t buying it.

“Originally it was just a chest infection that we had known of, and then the broken rib thing they threw in there last minute. I really don’t know,” Paul said. “The whole entire thing seems shady. He lied about the press conference in Las Vegas. He said his mom was sick so he had to fly home, which wasn’t true at all. Tyson Fury has a history of pulling out of fights. He’s pulled out of five fights. The family is just sketchy.

“I feel like something else is going on over there that they don’t want to say or they’re not as confident, or he wasn’t having a good camp or whatever it was. It just sucks. I fought with a broken nose. I’ve fought sick. Last fight against Tyron [Woodley], I had a hyperextended elbow. The show goes on, and if you’re really a fighter, you’re going to fight through those things.”

In a previous interview, Fury’s older brother — multi-time heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury — touted his sibling as the far superior fighter to Paul while adding that even with broken ribs and the flu, he would still beat the 24-year-old YouTube sensation.

Those comments obviously came back to bite him on Monday after Fury officially dropped out of the fight, which cleared the way for Paul to rematch ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley instead.

“That’s what goes to show they’re just a bunch of b*tches,” Paul said. “They say these things publicly but don’t back it up. When I say something, I mean it. They’re out there in the media just making stuff up. I tweeted that video the other day. I said I smell cap. I knew he was pulling out of the fight.

“The fact that he went on camera to say that, and [not] follow through on it, just tells all. This is such a bad look for Tommy. He missed out on the biggest opportunity of his life and he really, truly is Tommy Fumbles now.”

Once Fury was out, Paul didn’t waste any time securing a new opponent after a call was made to Woodley to see if he’d want to accept the short-notice opportunity.

“It was an option [to postpone the fight], a thought, and I was like no. We have to do this December 18,” Paul revealed. “I’m ready to fight. I’ve been in training camp for almost three months now. I’m not going to let this slip through the cracks. Tyron is still a huge fight. It’s still a harder fighter and I didn’t knock him out. For me, it’s just as exciting because I get to go in there and prove to people that I can make corrections based off my last fight. Because I had a good fight, whatever, I won, but there’s a lot of things that I could have done better.

“That’s what we worked on this camp, changed up a lot of things. We brought in a nutritionist. So I just have been elevating my game with every single fight. I’m excited to show that. I wanted to make sure everybody on the undercard was still getting paid. A lot of these fighters are living paycheck to paycheck. Amanda Serrano was there as the co-main event. A ton of other amazing fighters. I wanted the show to go on and was willing to do anything to make that happen.”

Woodley lost a split decision to Paul back in September and went as far as getting a “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo on his finger in an attempt to score the immediate rematch.

While the second fight with Paul came together under unique circumstances, Woodley didn’t hesitate to accept. Now they’ll clash again in less than two weeks.

“It’s Tyron’s lucky day,” Paul said. “He gets another massive payday and he gets the chance to avenge himself.”

As for revisiting the Fury fight down the road, Paul isn’t sure he wants to go through the same ordeal a second time, especially with how this event could have easily fallen apart.

Paul won’t make any concrete decisions right now, but he admits that there’s a big part of him that just wants to put Fury in the past once and for all.

“I don’t know how I feel about it,” Paul said. “For me, I almost don’t want to give him the opportunity. Let’s say I do, let’s say I get over the emotional part of it, I’ll give him this opportunity — who knows if he’s going to back out or have some excuse then, or have a chest infection or not show up to the press conference.

“It’s looking bad for him. Part of me wants to just be cynical and not ever give him this payday or this opportunity ever again.”

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