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Gervonta Davis vs. Isaac Cruz full fight video highlights


Watch Gervonta Davis vs. Isaac Cruz full fight video highlights from their main event above, courtesy of multiple sources.

Davis vs. Cruz took place Dec. 5 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Gervonta Davis (26-0) put his WBA lightweight belt on the line against Isaac Cruz (22-2-1), which aired live on Showtime pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Davis vs. Cruz, check out the live blog by Bad Left Hook.

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 1

Cruz with a body shot and a left hook up top clips Davis. Cruz definitely coming forward like he always does, he’s not throwing any stylistic curveballs. Davis staying patient. Cruz pushes him back with a little right hand. There are Cruz fans here, too, which is probably no big surprise. And they’re letting themselves be heard. Cruz having a nice start. Body shots, going up top. Davis slaps a hook off Cruz’s glove. Cruz back to the body. Cruz misses a lunging hook, Davis misses a counter but comes back with a good left uppercut. Oh big shot from Cruz and Davis is hurt a bit on a right hand! Not bad, but he felt it. Davis shoots the left uppercut to the body. Cruz is forcing this fight. This is fun. Cruz slips late in the round, not a knockdown.

Cruz 10-9

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 2

Davis moving, but looks more like he’s looking for an opening to throw instead of just “downloading data,” a thing I wish no one had ever said because now it’s said every third fight on TV. Davis looking for those uppercuts, throwing with both hands. He wants it bad. And the crowd are hanging on them. They’re also keeping Cruz from doing near as much as he did in the first round, Cruz knows they’re dangerous as hell. Davis with a straight left, off the glove. Cruz with another shot that gets Davis’ attention a bit, Tank can’t ignore this dude and isn’t. Davis with a body shot late.

Davis 10-9, 19-19

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 3

Cruz is not afraid of Davis but he’s not being stupid, either. Davis seems to be having at least a little trouble being the taller fighter for once, he’s just not used to it. Both are throwing bombs, not landing them clean but the intention is there on both sides. Davis’ jab hasn’t gotten going. Cruz keeps coming forward. Davis landing shots here and there, Cruz is pushing the tempo. If that’s enough for a judge, Cruz is winning for that judge, because Davis isn’t doing anything sensational here or anything. Yet. Good left from Davis. Cruz eats it and keeps coming. Happens again.

Davis 10-9, 29-28

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 4

Cruz still definitely having some success, and having a good first half of this round. Davis looking at least mildly annoyed or frustrated. Davis is in love with that uppercut, he wants the KO on that so bad. I mean, he might get it, but this reminds me a bit of when Donaire got TOO into his left hook and neglected so much else. Davis with a tidy finish to the round but I thought Cruz won too much of this one.

Cruz 10-9, 38-38

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 5

Davis lands a straight left. Bernstein notes that’s been better for him tonight than the uppercut. Jab and right uppercut from Cruz. Uppercut and straight left from Davis. That straight left really is his best shot tonight. Tank’s been warned a couple times by Thomas Taylor for wrestling a bit. Davis throws a hard right hook and then scampers away. That sounds insulting but isn’t. Chopping left from Davis. He’s showing his speed late in this round. Very good round for Tank. The class showed here.

Davis 10-9, 48-47

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 6

Slashing right hook from Davis early, back to the straight left. Another one. Right from Cruz. Good shot from him, too. Cruz still bringing some heat when he can but Davis has done well moving and keeping Cruz from effectively marching as he did earlier. You can tell Cruz really came with the best game plan he can have, and he’s executing about as well as you could hope, too. He’s really fighting well and showing his quality. Davis is just a really good fighter at worst. Gervonta’s timing has gotten better and better as he’s DOWNLOADED DATA! Cruz throws an uppercut but it’s smothered. Cruz to the body, then misses a follow-up hook. Davis is settling in, though.

Davis 10-9, 58-56

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 7

Davis still landing the better shots. Cruz still working really hard and doing some good work in close when he gets there. He’s having a decent round and trying to get to the body, but when Davis lets his hands go, it shows so much how different their speed is. Cruz with an uppercut, but Tank’s coming alive again and throwing hands. Right hand from Cruz JUST misses, that was a big shot thrown with heat but not quite there. Davis smacking with his hook, throwing a left behind it. Cruz’s nose is bloodied and he swipes at it. Cruz frozen up now as Davis starts setting up shots. Body work from Cruz, may have gone low but let’s be real, he’s been straying low all night.

Davis 10-9, 68-65

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 8

Cruz trips about 30 seconds into the round. Crowd is ready to blow up if/when Tank lands the big shot. Cruz trying to keep coming forward, Davis not letting him get much done at this point, at least not effectively. He’s making him miss, getting away, then he’ll let his hands go and he really lets them fly in spurts. Davis is just too good all around for Cruz. Cruz still with some decent body work but at this point it’s not making a difference. Cruz with a few good shots about 30 seconds left in the round. Some more wrestling. Cruz with another good set of shots just before the end of the round. He keeps staying JUST in the fight.

Davis 10-9, 78-74

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 9

Cruz trying to start fast, eats a good left that cuts off the momentum. Davis staying patient and sharp, fighting smart. Cruz is fighting smart, too, in that he’s doing what he should be doing. He can’t box with Tank but he keeps trying to force the fight and land something that makes a real difference. Good round from Davis, some nice body work and he made some adjustments after getting roughed up just a bit in the 8th.

Davis 10-9, 87-84

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 10

Cruz with some good rights to kick off the round. Gervonta coming forward, but Cruz lands a right. Right hooks from Davis, though. There’s a left hand. Now he looks comfortable coming forward. Davis is putting the pressure on. This was a really good round for Davis early, but Cruz again brings some heat, rocks Davis a little, and is staying in this fight, giving himself an argument in rounds. Davis doesn’t seem bothered much but Cruz is doing good work.

Cruz 10-9, Davis 96-94

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 11

Steve Farhood also has it 96-94 for Davis. This has been anything but a blowout. You have to wonder if Davis is “special” at 135 or 140, because while he’s clearly still quite good, we haven’t seen that in three fights at 135/140. Cruz is continuing to do good work in this round. This fight is a LOT closer than what Tank and his corner might think it is, and I think Cruz nicked another round here. I also do think Davis’ left hand is hurt.

Cruz 10-9, Davis 105-104

DAVIS vs CRUZ: Round 12

Respect shown at center ring, but Davis clearly did not touch gloves, he gave him a little hug. Davis trying to use his jab, his corner told him flat out he needs this round to be sure. Davis ONLY throwing his jab early, trying to dance and jab, dance and jab. Right hook from Davis, but almost trips getting away. He’s clearly not comfortable but he’s doing EVERYTHING he can with just his right hand and Cruz can’t get past the jab. Davis trips again throwing wild with his right, nearly busted an ankle there but appears to be OK. Davis is going to win this round and, for me, the fight with just his right hand in round 12. Cruz just could not get anything going as he moved and jabbed.

Davis 10-9, 115-113

Official decision: Gervonta Davis defeated Isaac Cruz (116-112, 115-113 x2)

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