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Devin Haney vs. Joseph Diaz Jr. full fight video highlights


Watch Devin Haney vs. Joseph Diaz Jr. full fight video highlights from their main event above, courtesy of multiple sources.

Haney vs. Diaz Jr. took place Dec. 4 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. Devin Haney (27-0) put his WBC lightweight belt on the line against Joseph Diaz Jr. (32-2-1), which aired live on DAZN. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Haney vs. Diaz Jr., check out the live blog by Bad Left Hook.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 1

Diaz comes out to center ring first, Haney tries to measure with his jab. Lead hook from Haney gets blocked by Diaz. Right hand to the body falls short for Haney. Diaz falls short on a jab to the body. Now Haney partially lands a right hand after a jab. Body shot lands for Haney. Diaz misses on a left to the body. Counter right makes partial contact for Haney but he misses on the hook that follows. Diaz absorbs two shots from Haney as he covers up. Haney tries another combination as Diaz covers up tight.

Haney 10-9.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 2

Diaz leads with a hook to the body quickly. Now Diaz tries a straight left to the body as he comes forward. Diaz blocks a right hand from Haney. Haney throws two more shots as Diaz covers up. Diaz throws a right hook to the body, Haney comes with his own. Two body shots come from Diaz, Haney throws a right downstairs himself. Uppercut from Haney makes contact. Jab lands upstairs for Diaz. Diaz jabs to the body and and makes partial contact upstairs. Right hand from Haney scores to the body.

Haney 10-9, 20-18.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 3

Diaz’s corner want him to go after Haney a little more in this round. Several quick shots come from Diaz to start the round. Haney stabs the body with a right hand. Haney gets warned after a break is called by the referee. Counter right lands for Haney as Diaz steps forward. Haney meets Diaz with more shots as Diaz tries to walk him down behind a tight guard. Counter jab lands for Diaz. Two punches come from Haney, one comes from Diaz in return. Diaz blocks two shots from Haney.

Haney 10-9, 30-27.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 4

Diaz tries to lead with a left to the body. Right hand from Haney picks off Diaz along the ropes. Diaz lands two hard body shots, his best of the fight. Straight left lands for Diaz again, who tehn gets tied up with Haney and tosses him to the canvas. Diaz lands a left coming forward and Haney lands a right to the body. Counter left lands for Diaz, then another. Haney pushes Diaz off of him as the fighters get more physical on the inside. Right hook from Diaz partially lands in an exchange with Haney. Diaz targets the body with a right hook. Left hand lead makes contact for Diaz. Haney throws a few punches but doesn’t land clean, then lands a jab before the round ends.

Diaz 10-9, 37-39.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 5

Both fighters get into a quick clinch to start the round. Haney jabs to the body, then tries a right hand, then another that strays lower. Haney gets warned to keep his punches up. Straight right to the body scores for Haney. Hard straight left lands to the body for Diaz and backs Haney to the ropes. Haney throws a few shots but Diaz catches most of them on his gloves. Diaz tries a combination with Haney along the ropes but doesn’t land them so well. Straight right lands to the body for Haney.

Haney 10-9, 49-46.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 6

Combination comes from Diaz to start the round. Diaz lands a jab upstairs. Diaz presses Haney behind his guard but misses on a body shot. Right hand to the body comes from Haney, Diaz throws three back in return. Two body shots get in for Diaz during a combination. Right hook lands for Haney upstairs. Now Haney lands a right hand to the body. Both fighters trade body shots this time. Haney tries a counter uppercut in the corner before pivoting out. Left hook makes partial contact for Haney upstairs, who then digs on two body shots. Straight left lands for Diaz. Haney starts looping right hands over the top now to bring a different arc on his shots.

Haney 10-9, 59-55.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 7

Two punches come from Diaz to start the round, then trows two more. Haney tries two uppercuts as Diaz covers up. Uppercut lands for Haney after touching the body with a hook. Haney looks to the body again and then loops a right over the top. Right hook lands for Diaz to the body. Diaz just misses on a left hook aimed at the head and he comes forward and lands the next one well, then another. Left lands again for Diaz as he leads with the shot, then another one for good measure. Haney tries to come abck with a right to the body. Diaz throws a jab that makes contact but misses on the left hand.

Diaz 10-9, 65-68.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 8

Diaz’s corner think he’s found something working with that left hand lead and want more of it in this round. Diaz presses forward and lands a left to the body. Jab lands for Haney at range. Diaz throws a few body shots with his free hand once he gets tangled with Haney. Straight right lands to the body for Haney. Diaz tries another lead left to the body but this one falls short. Haney lands his own right downstairs. Now Haney lands his jab and a right hand to the head. Both fighters trade and make contact on one another. Left hand lead misses for Diaz this time.

Haney 10-9, 78-74.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 9

Diaz misses on two quick punches to start the round. Haney lands a right to the body and gets warned once more by the referee to keep them up. Hook from Haney makes contact through the guard of Diaz. Diaz has Haney in the corner and lets his hands go and lands a good shot upstairs. Both fighters trade both shots. Right hand lands to the body again for Haney. Double left hook to the head and body comes from Haney this time. Diaz lands his own left to the body but he takes an uppercut from Haney that back shim off. Hard body shots lands for Diaz as Haney thinks he’s got him hurt and Diaz stings Haney! I still think Haney largely carried the round.

Haney 10-9, 88-83.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 10

Diaz lands a right hook to the body to start the round. Haney partially lands an uppercut. Diaz touches the body with his left hand, then tries one upstairs. Diaz comes forward and throws a combination to the head and body. Lead left from Diaz partially lands. Right hands lands to the body for Haney. Another right from Haney lands downstairs. Clean elft lands for Diaz to the head this time but he can’t follow it up. Hard left hook from Haney shakes Diaz for a second.

Haney 10-9, 98-92.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 11

Counter jab lands for Haney. Diaz starts coming after Haney a little quicker now but Haney’s been good at picking him off. Now Haney lands an uppercut as Diaz steps in. Double left hook comes from Haney this time. Diaz lands a body shot but then gets into a clinch that forces a break. Diaz tries a left to the body but not much doing. Now Diaz lands a much better body shot. Uppercut from Haney splits the guard. Diaz lands a body shot then a left to the head. Haney lands a long shot from the outside then steps off to the side. Right hook from Diaz make partial contact. Diaz lands a left hand just before the bell.

Diaz 10-9, 102-107.

HANEY vs DIAZ: Round 12

Diaz comes out with a combination and then tries another knowing he’s down on the cards. Diaz tries to chase Haney to a corner but Haney manages to escape. Hard left hook lands well for Diaz. Another left hook lands for Diaz and has Haney on the ropes for a moment. Diaz loops another left hook to the head. Haney tries to throw back but takes another left from Diaz that shakes him for a second. Right hook from Diaz makes a little contact. Haney starts coming on and throws a few shots upstairs. Haney is looking up at the time clock with 45 seconds left. Diaz double jabs but falls short. Now Diaz lands a left to the body. Haney comes forward and misses on a right.

Diaz 10-9 but it’s not enough. I’ve got it scored for Haney, 116-112.

Official score: Devin Haney defeats Joseph Diaz via unanimous decision (117-111 x2, 116-112)

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