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UFC Vegas 44 video: Chris Curtis overwhelms Brendan Allen with strikes to earn second-round knockout

Keep doubting Chris Curtis and he’ll keep proving you wrong.

Following an upset win in his octagon debut, the Cincinnati, Ohio native pulled off another improbable victory at UFC Vegas 44 on Saturday night after he blasted Brendan Allen with a nasty body shot followed by an overhand right that spelled the beginning of the end. After Allen was wobbled, Curtis blitzed him with a series of knee strikes that eventually dropped him to the ground as the fight was stopped at 1:58 into the second round.

Curtis is now 2-0 in the UFC with a remarkable 6-0 record in 2021.

“Everybody dismisses me,” Curtis said following the win. “I don’t need you to believe in me. I’ll just show them. If I can fight on UFC 269, that would be really great. If somebody falls off, give me a call. You’ve got my number.”

After an early takedown, it was Allen who then turned to his striking as he mixed together a variety of combinations, which included a slick jab as well as some kicks to the body. Late in the opening round, Allen dropped the ground to look for a leg lock, transitioning from an ankle lock to a heel hook attempt but Curtis was able to slip free and stay out of trouble.

While Allen was doing a solid job, Curtis was undeterred as he continued to attack with his power punches while also paying specific attention with his shots to the body.

In between rounds, Curtis got some valuable advice from his coaches in order to set up his fight finishing strikes as he was instructed to go to the body and then back up top to the head.

Curtis paid attention and then delivered after he blasted Allen with a left to the ribs and then he followed with a nasty overhand right that put the former LFA middleweight champion on rubber legs.

From there, Curtis rushed forward with punches but then started unloading knees to the head until Allen finally crumbled to the mat with the referee rushing in to stop the fight.

Curtis had to wait a remarkably long time to finally earn his way to the UFC but now he’s proving that he can hang with anybody the promotion throws at him after picking up a second straight knockout just a month after getting his debut win.

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